A complete guide to fix bad reviews from online

A complete guide to fix bad reviews from online

The new era of blogs, social platforms, and review sites makes it easy for users to speak their minds about the products they use. And that is why business owners can’t afford to have bad reviews about their service.

It is important to create a buzz about your product, but one negative review can question your credibility. On the other hand, happy customers can build your confidence and enhance your company’s transparency.  If you are looking for professional help to make your website successful, look up to SEO Services in Delhi. Now the question is, How to Deal with Bad Reviews online? Here we are providing you with the guide to fix bad reviews online:

  1. Cleaning up bad reviews from Google

    reviews from googleImage Credit – blog.nicejob.co

    Step 1 

    As Google review is genuine if your content is inappropriate, it easily categorized as an ‘abuse’ and then, Google administrative team will remove the content.

    Step 2

    Contact your local reviewer.

    Step 3

    Make sure that your contact with negative reviews or bad reviews is public. Despite the bad reviews, you must show up your good behavior to the customer. This will give your business a decent impression.

  2. Cleaning up bad reviews from the Facebook page

    reviews from Facebook pageImage Credit – www.energise.co.nz

    Removing bad reviews from Facebook is not a difficult task. There are two options to fix the negative comments, first is to remove it directly from your page by commenting ‘x’ in each comment box. If you have multiple reviews to remove, then clean up the page. If you want to remove negative star rating from your Facebook page, follow these steps:

    Step 1

    Login as the admin.

    Step 2

    From the page editing tool, edit your company’s address.  

    Step 3

    Allow your business’s map to be shown on your page

    Step 4

    Lastly, save this option. Remember that you will not able to see the positive comments also.

  3. Cleaning up bad reviews from Yelp

    reviews from YelpImage Credit – omgnational.com

    Follow these steps to remove negative reviews from Yelp:

    Step 1

    Make an impression to the user that you are checking their feedback regularly.

    Step 2

    The diplomatic behavior of yours can lessen the risk of getting negative reviews.

  4. Cleaning up bad reviews from Amazon

    reviews from AmazonImage Credit – liezeneven.com

    You may not be authorized to the content and condition of the sales when you are a third party seller. Learn some steps to fix the bad reviews.

    Step 1

    If the reviews are accurate, then try to deal with a positive approach. Talk to your consumer directly, and then customer has 6 days to remove his content.

    Step 2

    If the negative feedback cannot be fixed by talking to the customer directly, then you can call Amazon, this will take 90 days to be fixed. To increase your sales, you must learn to make your website user-friendly; this is why digital marketing strategy is important for your brand.

  5. Cleaning up bad reviews from eBay

    eBay reviewsImage Credit – community.ebay.com

    eBay demands consistent communication.  Below are the steps to fix the negative reviews:

    Step 1

    Call the customer directly.

    Step 2

    Try to communicate with them in a positive way and make things better for them.

  6. Cleaning up bad reviews from Etsy 

    reviews from EtsyImage Credit – www.galapagostagua.com

    It is the most difficult site to manage bad reviews. This is because negative feedbacks from Etsy cannot be removed by the owner. Unlike other platforms, it also requires direct contact with the customer.

    Step 1

    Etsy asks site administrators to remove the negative feedback. Contact admin for help.

    Step 2

    If the review is genuine, then the policy is to reply them quickly.

    Step 3

    In that case, make sure that the necessary amendments are made.

    Step 4

    If the amendments are not happening, then ask other customers to leave positive comments.


In order to fix a bad review and improve your online sale, reassure customer satisfaction. Be generous and patient while handling an upset customer. This will be the Best Responses to the Negative Reviews. You can continue to deliver in the best way possible only by ensuring the expectation of a customer. And if you are extremely new to the business, you can ask for the help from affordable and Best SEO Company in Delhi NCR and take your online sales to the new heights!

How Responsive Web Design can benefits your SEO

How Responsive Web Design can benefits your SEO

Did you know that Google boosts responsive website? In 2015, Google announced a change to the algorithm and introduced ‘mobile-friendliness rank signal’ on SERPs. The changes are all due to the fact that 60% Google searches are from mobiles, or Smartphones and this is not going to change anytime soon.

Despite this trend, many websites are still not gaining responses. In this fast moving digital era, responsive design has become the standard component in the SEO task as Google Prefers Responsive Designs. SEO tasks are useless if the websites are not optimized for mobile phones, resulting in less traffic. If you are new to the business and want any professional help, look for the best SEO Services Delhi.

Keep reading to find out more about the term ‘Mobile Responsive’.

If you are not adapting this trend, you may invite many consequences such as:

  • Chances of getting negative reviews online
  • Loss of Web traffic
  • Loss of repetitive customers
  • Decrease in sales
  • Increase in bounce rates

The top benefits of Responsive web designs

The mobile traffic

The mobile trafficImage Credit – www.listbuildinglifestyleshow.com

As Google is promoting mobile friendliness, web responsive designs have become as important as the search engine optimization and quality content. And if you are failing to do so, you can invite your competitors to outrank you in their index.

No duplicate content

No duplicate contentImage Credit – www.hitechwork.com

Most of the companies are nowadays are operating their sites both in the desktop version and mobile version which results in duplicate content across the web. For Google bots, any difference in the URL is considered a unique site. Google’s crawlers do not understand the paper thin difference. Working from the mobile perspective gives you benefits to secure the content to a single URL. Thus, top SEO Services in Delhi continue to generate traffic due to the fact that they have made their websites mobile responsive.

Decrease in Bounce Rate

Decrease in Bounce RateImage Credit – landerapp.com

Bounce rate refers to the time period noting how quickly visitors leave your site. Google is attentive to the user’s action, that is, the entry and exit timing. A mobile responsive page allows the user to have a perfect view for any website. It provides clean, crisp surrounding for users to browse the website. Thus, responsive web designs to boost SEO.

Faster speed for loading page  

Faster speed for loading page  Image Credit – www.lifewire.com

Every company optimizes their website for fast loading as it is the most important element in ranking on the search engines. So make your website mobile responsive and increase your page speed to rank better.

Enhance user experience

Enhance user experienceImage Credit – news.cryptocoinstart.com

As user experience is the topmost priority, a website needs to be mobile-friendly and easy to access. And responsive web designs make any website mobile friendly as well as give surety of readability and navigation for the site. A website which is not optimized for Smartphones give users a difficult time with websites as they are purely for desktop use. Mobile responsive websites will definitely grow more traffic.


A mobile responsive page usually results in more concise and thoughtful designs. It supports any business to provide a better user experience. It has a positive impact on search engine visibility. Pre-planning the structure, links, and content, will get you expected outcomes.  All of this largely impacts SEO strategies and provides them aid to make things clearer.

Some SEO myths that need to be debunked

Some SEO myths that need to be debunked

SEO has offered people with a steady means of doing business. It is by far the most talked about, searched and widely read topic by web entrepreneurs. However, for all the sophistication that SEO holds, the world of search engines is full of complexity and floated with lots of myths and misconceptions.

The Common SEO Myths are based on misinterpretation of SEO’s work. The matter of fact is that many marketers fall prey to search engines due to a constant change in theories as outdated strategies can actually harm their ability to appear in Google rankings. And if you want to know the correct SEO tactics, you can hire agencies offering the best SEO Services in Delhi.

Take a look at some SEO myths which need to be debunked:

SEO mythsImage Credit – www.eyeconadvertising.com

Myth 1: Link building for SEO is not helpful.

Truth: Google may say that links are not useful today but it still holds a prominent place in the world of online marketing. Through this, Google decides which site to show on the first page. However, getting good backlinks is time-consuming and a lengthy process. Without it, your competitor could win the race of ranking. Now the question is to decide as to which links are good for you. If they bring real traffic to your site, then the links are of high-quality.

Myths 2: Google has a contradiction regarding SERP click or its impact on website rankings which makes the online marketing strategy think that click data is a confusing concept.

Truth: As the whole scenario of ranking is temporary, click-through rates are effective but not valid in the long run in the strategy. Thus, optimizing Google snippets for clicks are must for your strategy. So, you must debunk these Biggest SEO Myths.

Myths 3: Some marketers believe that keywords are one of the most crucial elements in SEO. In 2013, Google had introduced the Hummingbird update which replaced the value of keyword with concept and topics.

Truth: Well, Hummingbird helps to understand the actual context or phrase that has been searched on the internet which does not make keywords any less effective. Keyword research and using long tail keywords are still the most important strategy of SEO.

Myth 4: social signals like pins, tweets, and likes have nothing to do with SEO strategy. According to Google’s Matt, search algorithm does not include any social signals and this statement however is different from the fact social media is extensively used in the ranking algorithm.

Truth: Google never denies the fact that social signals do have an impact on the search algorithm. The task of SEO keeps changing and the fact may be true at a particular time. Thus, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ do make an impact on rankings and are a part of any SEO strategy. So follow some effective SEO tactics to run your business and make a mark in the industry.


These are some SEO Myths You Should Leave Behind in order to achieve success in online marketing. Technologies are not to be understood easily and so is the task of SEO. The face of digital information keeps changing which creates a lot of misunderstanding. But if you want to move forward, stop paying attention to those misconceptions. For professional SEO help, you can look for the best SEO Company in Delhi.

SEO tips for startups- how to boost your business

SEO tips for startups- how to boost your business

Once you become an entrepreneur, there are plenty of things to focus on. Maybe your mind is occupied with incorporating a business, hiring staff, making investments, setting the office, etc. But to have a prominent presence in all existing digital channels, you need to focus on the SEO aspect of digital marketing.

SEO Awareness & Expectation

First timers are generally confused about the importance of SEO for Startup Business; they merely design a website and patiently wait for organic traffic to magically get directed to them, which, sadly never happens. Driving traffic to a website not only requires building a website, but also optimizing it for search engines. Let’s understand the SEO Start up Guide better:

  1. Research is the key

    Research is the keyImage Credit – selvamtech.edu.in

    Google doesn’t care what kind of business you are serving, and what your marketing objectives are. Search engines have their own agenda and SEO is all about rankings, so it requires a lot of tactics to keep in mind:

    • Identify the search results for the ideal keywords
    • Prefer long-tail keywords, and then see who is searching for those terms
    • Assemble all the URLs and domain for the top 30 to 50 results
    • Then determine those domains which are showing most in the ranking
    • And then decide which of these companies is your competition

    In order to see your competitor’s site, note each and everything such as usage of the keywords, backlinks and then decide what you can follow and what you can outshine.

  2. Quality content: the much-needed task

    quality content-imgImage Credit – www.csr-impact.eu

    Google is way too smarter than you think. So after researching the keywords, you need to create relevant content which is of use to the customer. Update your blog daily and start promoting your content among the audience. Try to write the best article in your niche by keeping your keywords in mind. If you don’t have enough time and knowledge, take help from SEO Services Company in Delhi.

  3. Optimizing your website

  4. Optimizing your websiteImage Credit – www.seoclerk.com

    Since SEO is a dynamic field and is changing constantly. You need to brush up your technicalities, big time.

    • Title tags: Try to keep those title tags as unique and crisp as possible.
    • Meta description: Write relevant and creative Meta description as it gives an opportunity to users to click on your site.
    • Heading: Having subheadings in your content makes the page easy to read.
    • Internal Links: Link valuable pages throughout your website but too much inter-linking may reduce the credibility of the current page.
    • ALT tags: It is the most crucial element of SEO practice. It tells the search engines about your images and helps them get indexed.
    • Sitemaps: XML is the tool which helps you to produce sitemaps. And then it is submitted on Google Webmaster Central so that search engine can index your site.
  5. The Need for off-site optimization

  6. off-site optimizationImage Credit – clicksbazaar.com

    To build a strong foundation for your website, high-quality links are extremely helpful. You can do by following these steps:

    • Team up with other credible websites.
    • Write good content and ask your partners to post it.
    • Post on social media on a regular basis.
    • It is always a better option to linking your website by creating natural one, not the generic ones.

    Things to avoid

    1. Copied content: If you are really looking to serve genuineness, create original and credible content and avoid copied content. You must learn how to avoid content marketing mistakes to earn more links.
    2. Careful optimization: Placing keywords naturally with the anchor text in all your links will save you from Google’s penalty.
    3. Off-site linking: There are many low-standard articles posted on low-quality sites which is unapproved by Google. So avoid that practice.

Editor’s note

If you are doing SEO for Startups, you need to explore more opportunities to appear on top of search results. If you’re still in a dilemma about investing in SEO, then you must see your competitor’s website to make a powerful presence in today’s visual medium.

The more you research, the more you can focus on content creation and SEO tactics. If you want effective results and you don’t have a budget, look for the best and affordable SEO Services in Delhi.

A complete guide for SEO writing

A complete guide for SEO writing

SEO copywriting is the primary element in any SEO strategy. Earlier, SEO was all about writing compelling content using targeted keywords and few words which were linked to the targeted pages. It was easy, but worthless in the long run. Nowadays, there are numerous tactics involved to get the attention of the users. By writing quality content, your website will land up many potential readers on your lap. So, writing good content is important, both for the readers and Google search analytics. Have a look at some strategies to produce effective SEO writing:

  1. Write from the customer’s point of view

    Write from the customer’s point of viewImage Credit – oscarwaoaplit.wordpress.com

    You can’t write anything at random; keep in mind as to what benefit the customer will derive from your content. In simple words, your content must be appealing enough to draw the customer’s attention click here. Write it from their perspective so that your site will get more readers. Value your customers if you really want to grow your business.

  2. Research for keywords that work

    Research for keywords that workImage Credit – moz.com

    The keyword game isn’t new anymore. But the thing which is worth noting is that Google analytics is much more than basic keyword usage. It may not penalize you but is not going to benefit you either. So, prepare your content with targeted keywords and avoid any unnatural keyword stuffing.

  3. Engaging the reader

    Engaging the readerImage Credit – pexels.com

    Before writing anything, ask yourself ‘who is going to read this content’? Always keep in mind that you are not writing for the Google algorithm but for the reader. And that reader is your future customer who genuinely reads your stuff. You must have uniqueness in your writing that your reader fails to find anywhere else. And for that you need to research more, and read SEO Content Writing Samples for more knowledge of SEO writing. You can’t be a master of SEO in such a short period of time, so ask for professional help. For doing so, you can go for the best SEO Services in Delhi.

  4. Supplement Content

    Supplement ContentImage Credit – myventure.in

    Supplement content is the term which you may unaware of. It is the feature that helps the user to navigate your site through another way such as articles, blogs, and any other useful content on your website. It should be relevant so that user finds it meaningful. For using it, you must be alert as excessive use of supplement content may distract the user as well as Google.

  5. Attain the specific reading level

    reading levelImage Credit – www.lynda.com

    Readability level holds an important place in SEO writing. It is the measure of readability of your content. By creating high quality content, your content may be viewed under ‘Advanced Readability Section’. If you want reach the maximum number of readers, you need to be grouped under basic or medium level. Most people recommend that the readability level of any content should be under 8th-grade level. To measure this, there are many tools available such as Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level or the Gunning-Fog Score and SMOG index.

  6. Answer the important questions while SEO writing

    important questionsImage Credit – indiastudyinstitute.in

    Readers always look for answers in a piece of content. For example: ‘How to Write Blogs for SEO’? Or How SEO grows your business? Or know about SEO Copywriting Course. These are some general questions that users ask on a daily basis. So if you are writing a piece of content, you must be sure that it provides the answers for all the questions asked. Make sure that your content is helpful to the users.


The main goal of SEO writing is to gain the maximum number of visitors. But it is also important to create such content so that potential customers soon turn into actual customers. After all, that’s the goal, right? So, you need to push your limits to be a professional SEO article writer. Seek help from the agency proving the best SEO Services Delhi , and take your business to soaring heights.

5 ways by which you can tell the value of SEO to your boss

5 ways by which you can tell the value of SEO to your boss

Improving organic search rates through SEO is not an easy task. It is even harder when your boss does not understand the meaning of SEO and why it is important. Your boss always sees the bigger picture and hence misses the little elements which are important to form that big picture. If you have ever worked with SEO even once, you must have encountered some of the terminologies such as 404s, redirects, backlinks, spiders, canonicals, and indexing. These unusual terminologies are confusing enough to make your boss question the caliber of Search Engine Optimization in the end. So, it is high time to tell your boss about the SEO Value and all about SEO tasks.

Here are the 5 ways through which you can communicate to your boss and tell them the reasons behind your tactics or choices:

  1. Clear their concept about SEO

    concept about SEO

    Image Credit – 5mins.org

    The first and foremost thing your boss should really know is: what is Search Engine Optimization. It is basically doing anything and everything to reach your target audience by appearing in top Google searches. And in order to do so, there are many plans and strategies involved. While educating about SEO, start from the basic and then define all the jargon terms.

  2. Brief about a certain strategy or action


    Image Credit – www.awesomejourney.ca

    The key element of any business strategy is implementing the correct SEO tactics. Instead of making your bosses understand about your actions, teach them about Google Analytics SEO Dashboard which gives a wider picture of SEO and also informs them how Google operates. To show up in top search results, brief your boss about SEO strategies that will grow your business and leads.

  3. Land up with the correct explanation for your target audience

    explanation for your target audience

    Image Credit – medium.com

    In order to inform about your actions to your boss, you must target all of those people who always come to you with a puzzled expression. Be it the personnel, marketing team, executive personnel; brief all of them about your SEO plan. Discuss with them how Business Value of SEO holds a prominent place in any company to boost rankings.

  4. Prepare your documents

    Prepare your documents

    Image Credit – www.careerchina.com

    If one does not have any idea about SEO, you will get a blank reaction in return for sure. In that case, you need your documents and accurate data to support your strategy. Stick with metrics which will work in your favor for sure!

  5. Present yourself with credible SEO strategies

    credible SEO strategies

    Image Credit – www.entrepreneur.com

    In order to make your SEO task authentic, you need to come up with your own credible strategies. It can be done by doing some basic things like writing articles on behalf of your company. For SEO, you must keep all the reports and data with yourself. To accomplish this, you can do the following:

    • Record the conversions from search traffic and then, link those numbers to the revenues.
    • Keep a track of your competitors and see what strategies they are adopting.


There are plenty of jargons when the topic of SEO comes in front of us. Though SEO has been gaining a lot of attention quite recently, not many people know about its uses and benefits. The best way to deal with your CEO is to give an outstanding performance by incorporating the best SEO strategies into your website. However everybody is not aware of the nature of search engines, so always keep a back up of your data to avoid any misunderstanding. And if one really wants to grow his/her business, SEO Services in Delhi is the best solution for them as SEO is the most important factor in page rankings. You can also look for the best SEO Company in Delhi NCR for more insight.

How seo grows your business and leads?

How seo grows your business and leads?

You must have been thinking by seeing this topic that why one would need SEO for their business. In this blog, we will be taking you through some of the SEO generation techniques which help to grow your business. And also discuss Lead Generation.

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SEO tactics

SEO TacticsImage Credit – www.devdigs.com

SEO, if used correctly, ensures the visibility of your website and its content on the search engine results page.

It involves an array of the term used to describe anything that achieves these results, from link-building and social media marketing, to having your website itself stuffed with keywords that will alert the search engines. The key to generating more leads for your business is to optimize your site for the search engines. However, many business owners are still struggling to determine the correct SEO tactics and lead generations for their business. Everyone has the same question ‘How to Grow a Company Successfully?’ especially one with small business is seeking effective SEO tactics which could work. Let’s start learning.

Why Ranking is important?

Why Ranking is important?Image Credit – www.timeshighereducation.com

 In the era of internet and digitalization, people expected more quick and immediate results, the first page of the searched result is likely to be read more rather than the following pages. After all, no one is going to click through multiple websites by wasting their precious time?

It is only through execution a good online marketing with SEO optimization of any website. Good SEO strategies not only bring the traffic on the website but also will also rank the website at the top. It also generates lead that who are interested in your brands or products. If you want to grow your business and are seeking help related to SEO, you can check for SEO Company in Delhi.

Here are the lists of SEO tactics which will generate more leads from search engines:

  1. Finding the right keywords

    Finding the right keywordsImage Credit – www.seointl.net

    Stuffing the keywords is the most vital element in the SEO. But using plenty of keywords with lower search volume is always better than having one keyword with a higher one. You should know the most important fact that you are competing with a huge number of other brands too, so risks are not allowed anyway!

  2. Write good Meta descriptions

    Meta descriptionsImage Credit – seopressor.com

    Write short and concise Meta description and insert some of the targeted keywords in it. Always think about the user’s request or what would they likely to ask, so your Meta description should be the answer to their question.

  3. Spying on your competitors

    Spying on your competitorsImage Credit – www.rivercitystaffing.com

    Backlinks are one of best ways to increase your leads by stealing it from your competitors. By finding out who is linking to the site of the competitor, you’ve immediately created a database for yourself. Although, you get this information through backlink checker tools.

  4. Use long tail keywords

    long tail keywordsImage Credit – www.semrush.com

    Long tail keywords are referring to the keyword phrases which are specific to your brand or product. They’re usually 3 or 4 words long. If you are master in creating Peppering these long tail keywords for your website, then search engines will automatically suggest your website. To give you another example, when we did SEO for Fully-Verified, which is a company doing online ID check, we targeted phrases such as ‘online ID verification for online business’ or best way to verify identity online’

  5. Make your website responsive

    website responsiveImage Credit – medium.com

    Nowadays, people are browsing the internet mostly on their Smartphone than on desktop and most of the website is not mobile responsive. They tend to differ in screen sizes which make it hard to navigate the site. By making your website mobile responsive not only satisfy the users but also affect your search rankings. Also, when lots of people are searching for you move and spying on your website, then you must make sure that your page is sleek and perfect in both design and usability for all devices.

  6. Get active on the Google Business listings

    Google Business listingsImage Credit – www.advicelocal.com

    With GMB, that is Google My Business, local business are listed or registered with their Google maps with direction, address, telephone, product or services. Inserting the keywords on the summary of the Business is also a way to increase the GMB.

  7. Optimize your image

    optimize imagesImage Credit – kinsta.com

    Search engines can only read text and numbers and to make the image of your website to viewed, ALT tag is used. Having keywords stuffing ALT is the best way to make your website more credible.

  8. Increase the speed of your website

    speed_up_your_websiteImage Credit – www.ipragmatech.com

    Web users are expected to see the result immediately. Site speed is also one of the major factors to improve the integrity of your website. To increase the speed of your website, you can increase the size of the videos and images, remove unnecessary plugging, etc. and if you need any professional help, go for the best SEO Services in Delhi; they will help you to improve the search engines result of your company.

Ending note

No matter, you are a starter or veteran, sometimes these useful tactics is exactly what your company need!

Pumping your SEO, executing the correct content strategies, or social media marketing can help Generating Leads for your business. SEO can help to attract leads to your website and thus sales team precedes these leads through the sales funnel to convert them into paying customers.

5 seo tactics that are ruining your business

5 seo tactics that are ruining your business

Have you been struggling to generate traffic on your website through your SEO?

Making a website function effectively is one of the most difficult tasks and you do anything and everything you can to generate traffic on your website. But, there are some elements that cause disruption. Those bugs are nothing but mistakes from your end that are deteriorating your SEO content leading to low search traffic. Oh no.

Search engine optimization is something that you cannot take for granted! It can be happiness on your plate when you know the right way to tackle things. Otherwise, you are in a pool of trouble. Don’t panic. We’re here to help.

Here are 5 bad SEO tactics you should stop using, N.O.W!

  1. Stuffing keywords

    Stuffing keywordsImage Credit – varvy.com

    If you’ve been following this practice of putting keywords unnecessarily in between lines, it is natural that you won’t get any traffic. Usually this practice will put your blog into spam. Stuffing keywords in irrelevant places means that you are trying to promote your website, wanting it to appear in the top searches. But, think about it. Is this how great websites generate traffic? Never!

    Here’s what you should do:

    • When you look for a topic in Google, go to the bottom of the page and you will see a set of links in blue right at the bottom. Use those as keywords.
    • Put keywords with variations in them, keeping in mind the relevancy of your topic.
    • Make it look sophisticated, instead of desperate.
  2. Adding too many back links 

    back linksImage Credit – backlinkchecker.ch

    There was a time, millions of year ago when back links used to bring traffic to your site. Not anymore.

    You think you’re smart? Google is smarter. Putting back links as an anchor to your content is a healthy practice provided that that the link which you have put is that of a good website and holds relevance.

    Here’s what you should do:

  3. Adding duplicate content 

    duplicate-contentImage Credit – www.textmaster.com

    In today’s world where plagiarism is detected within seconds, posting duplicate content is an act of sheer stupidity. That simply means you need traffic, by hook or by crook. If you think you can do that, you will soon realize that your content is being thrown into trash.

    Posting duplicate content shows that you are not serious about your website. You are posting content just for the sake of posting it. Well, it’s time you wake up and get rid of these bad SEO habits.

    • Hire professionals that offer services related to content writing in Delhi.
    • Write fresh content that is different from all other websites; do a lot of research.
  4. Irregular posting 

    postingImage Credit – coobis.com

    SEO is something that runs with time. If you are not posting regularly or not updating your website timely, Google will push your website to the fourth or fifth page, which is equal to TRASH. Having a lethargic website is equal to having no website at all.

    Here’s what you should do:

    • Post blogs regularly. Fish out topics that are fresh and write blogs that perfectly go with the search results.
    • Keep updating your website regularly.
  5. Choosing quantity over quality 

    quantity over qualityImage Credit – austrimag.com.au

    This is one of the most common SEO tactics resulting in lower traffic and less conversions. Do you know why? Topicality and relevance are two terms that need to be paid attention upon.

    Posting one good SEO article every two days is far better than posting two irrelevant articles each day. This is where you need to realize that quality is what you should give preference to.

    Here’s what you should do:

    • Write content that is SEO friendly. Incorporate relevant keywords, interlinks and outbound links to enhance your content.
    • Make your content have meaning. Remember, you are writing for humans, not robots!
    • Exhibit a high degree of E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) through your content.


In a world where content is king, you need to make sure that you follow the right set of guidelines to attract more traffic on your website. Always remember that SEO cannot work with content. Integrate your SEO into your content marketing strategy for best results. So follow these SEO tips and bid farewell to these bad SEO habits.

5 ways for effective optimization of news websites

5 ways for effective optimization of news websites

Great content, optimized keywords and user oriented searches are certain prerequisites that all websites adhere to. But news websites are a little bit different from the usual ones and need to take some other elements into consideration in order to generate more SEO traffic and build organic reach.

News websites, in contrast to other websites operate differently and need more attention to specific details for better SEO rankings. So here are certain SEO strategies that you need to follow in order to enhance your news website:

  1. Content is king

  2. Content is kingImage Credit – flynaut.com

    When you have news website to run wherein content is supreme, you need to really level up your game. Content that is fresh, unique and rich will stand the storm; otherwise will collapse amid the sea of competitors. So make sure that your content has freshness to it, even if you read it a month later. Usually that is difficult to establish in news website, because the topicality of news item, but is definitely achievable.

  3. Be friends with Google

  4. Be friends with GoogleImage Credit – onlineincometeacher.com

    Need your website to stand out? Make your website included in Google News. For that to happen, you need:

    1. Fresh content
    2. Better site crawling
    3. Unique URLs

    When you have these three key features, you can submit your website to Google for better search results and organic reach, giving you an edge over your competitors. Google follows certain technical guidelines and if your news content meets Google standards, you are ready to roll!

  5. Crawl.. Crawl.. Crawl!

  6. When you have a news website that has heaps of content, you need to keep updating your Google sitemap with fresh content every day. Also avoid plagiarized content for better crawl rate. Also look for measures to improve site speed for better reach. Do not forget to post frequently to keep your website alive.

  7. Create a beautiful structure

  8. Create a beautiful structureImage Credit – colorlib.com

    In addition to rich content, the structure of the website is of utmost importance. Imagine a messy news website with no direction. Will it give you the numbers that you’re expecting? Think about it and follow these SEO tips:

    1. Organize your website.
    2. Add URLs wherever necessary for better rankings.
    3. Use pagination instead of “next” and “previous” buttons, for better clarity.
    4. Reduce the depth in your website.

    So for unobstructed search results, your website needs to be clean and organized.

  9. Social media: the rising star

  10. Social mediaImage Credit – adlibbing.org

    If you haven’t used social media with your website, you haven’t seen the world yet. Social media along with SEO in 2018 is the most powerful tool that you can use to build website traffic, without having to pay for it in extensively.

    Your connection with social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and even Instagram will not only direct the population to read your content, but will also build SEO traffic through those sites. You can use images and videos in your Facebook pages and twitter handles to make your content attractive and readable.

    Apart from that, make your website mobile friendly. This will not only make your website build its reach over time, but will also generate SEO traffic in numbers that you had never imagined.


To sum it up, website optimization is not a difficult task when you have SEO Company in Delhi to help you. The high quality SEO services in Delhi will definitely help you optimize your news websites for a better SEO experience, both for the readers and your website.

The Complete Guide to effective SEO Tactics

The Complete Guide to effective SEO Tactics

Seo no doubt is imperative for online marketing and organic traffic. Organic traffic is the traffic driven generated via unpaid search results. To your surprise, more than 70% of clicks prefer the organic searches which rank on the first page of Google.

However, ranking on the first page of Google is another eminent factors to flourish your eCommerce business online. It is also important to evolve your eCommerce> with the changing algorithms of Google every now and then.

Change is essential!

Having said that, it is also important to follow certain SEO tactics that will definitely generate results in your favor. Let’s dive in and explore the effective SEO tactics to grow your ROI efficaciously-

Know your Buyers’ Persona

know your buyer personaImage Credit – quora.com

Do you already own an eCommerce site of your own? That’s great! It’s time to evolve your eCommerce journey with the help of your buyers’ personality and rank foremost on Google. Explore your to-be patrons to the depth, acquire certain details-

  • Profession- Check out for the profession of your leads
  • Interests: Games- Indoor/Outdoor, Music- Slow; Pop
  • Ideal- Know your prospects’ ideals
  • Books they prefer reading
  • Timings- Their preferred timing to surf the net.
  • Use Google forms to collect these data.

Enhance your content for Voice Search

voice searchImage Credit – paramountdigital.co.uk

Voice Search is the current trending buzz in the eCommerce today. Data records for more than one billion voice search during the initial days of the year. Adapting your SEO for voice optimization might make you miss a lot of traffic, which would directly impact your sales.

Dive deep into your users’ action on mobile

Dive deep into your users’ action on mobileImage Credit – achates360.com

There is no denying the fact that m-commerce and surfing the Internet on mobile go hand in hand. You must make sure that each of your pages is mobile-friendly.

Hit on to the mobile usability under Google Search Console, herein you can find the errors related to mobile usability if any. Also, there are several tools such as heatmap, hot-jar to monitor your visitors’ action and level your SEO.

Engage your “native” audience

native audienceImage Credit – deltadiscovery.com

Native or rather let us call them your local audience. Local SEO has always proved to bring out newer opportunities for the local eCommerce businesses. Another very important SEO tactic is competing in your local eCommerce market first. One way you can earn your native audiences’ trust is via providing them better services and collecting positive feedbacks from your shoppers.

Avoid bulky images and GIFs

Your website’s speed can either “make” or ‘break” your site’s ranking. It does highly impact on the number of checkouts. Hence, compressing the images and gifs are a better option to maintain a speedy website. Optimizing your page speed is a must in order to rank on the first page of Google.

To Sum Up…

Now that you are aware of the SEO tactics to be used. You should follow them and rank on the top. Apart from them, don’t just rely upon stuffing your page with numerous keywords as Google is better at identifying excess keywords. It was all about some of the effective SEO tactics. However, if you are looking forward to SEO services in Delhi. You must hit in to explore everything about the best SEO company in Delhi.