7 actionable tips that immediately improve your SEO ranking

7 actionable tips that immediately improve your SEO ranking

Whether you have a seasoned website or are planning to make a new one, implementing an effective SEO plan is the key. Although it sounds like a drag, but think: if people can’t find you via the search engine, then you don’t exist.

Google is like a big library which contains all the different websites. So if you want that people find you through Google search, SEO needs to be at the top of your priority list. The better you standardize and optimize your website, the better will Google read your shared content. To improve your SEO Strategies, you need to know the value of organic traffic and follow the latest trends. And if you have the newly designed website, ask for professional help. For that, hire the best SEO Services in Delhi.

There are some techniques which can immediately Improve SEO Rankings, let’s see what they offer:

  1. Loading speed

    loading speedImage Credit – www.hirewpgeeks.com

    The most important factor in SEO ranking is speed. Make sure that your page loads in less than 4 seconds because every second will cost you. And if your website loading speed is slow due to a large number of HTTPS requests, and then you need to fix this issue as soon as possible.

  2. Quality content is essential!

    Quality contentImage Credit – outsourcingwall.com

    You should know the fact that there is no replacement for quality content. It is responsible for the generic traffic which ultimately affects the SEO rankings. You need to create quality content so that people keep coming back to your website to read your comment.

  3. High-quality images

    High-quality images for websiteImage Credit – naldzgraphics.net

    It is must to have high-quality image on your website and make sure that it does not take time to load as it can delay the whole website loading time.

  4. Add headings in your content

    add heading in contentImage Credit – www.vecteezy.com

    Your content needs to be well-organized and readable, and for that add tags and headings to your article so that it looks organized. It will work in your SEO ranking for sure! Lean the complete guide to effective SEO tactics for more insights.

  5. Blogs

    BlogsImage Credit – www.financialexpress.com

    If you think that a blog does no addition to SEO, then you are all wrong. Blogs can bring a huge amount of traffic to your website. All you need to come up with original content if you want to sell your product and promote your services.

  6. Credible outbound links

    Credible outbound linksImage Credit – www.abetterlemonadestand.com

    Credible outbound links can hugely affect your website. It gives the impression that you have actually researched the subject and also give a context to other blog posts related to your content.

  7. Optimizing for mobile

    Optimizing for mobileImage Credit – edkentmedia.com

    As we know that mobile is dominating the world of search engines, people tend to use smartphones more than desktop. So searching for the product and services on mobile is obvious and with AMPs, one can create instant pages and load within no time. That is why it is must to optimize your website for the mobile to make your website user-friendly.

In conclusion

If you adapt latest SEO strategies to new developments in AL and the evolution of Google’s algorithm, your SEO ranking will get better automatically. Also, follow the above tips to see the improvements. And if you want any professional help, look for the Top 10 SEO Company in Delhi.

A complete guide for SEO writing

A complete guide for SEO writing

SEO copywriting is the primary element in any SEO strategy. Earlier, SEO was all about writing compelling content using targeted keywords and few words which were linked to the targeted pages. It was easy, but worthless in the long run. Nowadays, there are numerous tactics involved to get the attention of the users. By writing quality content, your website will land up many potential readers on your lap. So, writing good content is important, both for the readers and Google search analytics. Have a look at some strategies to produce effective SEO writing:

  1. Write from the customer’s point of view

    Write from the customer’s point of viewImage Credit – oscarwaoaplit.wordpress.com

    You can’t write anything at random; keep in mind as to what benefit the customer will derive from your content. In simple words, your content must be appealing enough to draw the customer’s attention click here. Write it from their perspective so that your site will get more readers. Value your customers if you really want to grow your business.

  2. Research for keywords that work

    Research for keywords that workImage Credit – moz.com

    The keyword game isn’t new anymore. But the thing which is worth noting is that Google analytics is much more than basic keyword usage. It may not penalize you but is not going to benefit you either. So, prepare your content with targeted keywords and avoid any unnatural keyword stuffing.

  3. Engaging the reader

    Engaging the readerImage Credit – pexels.com

    Before writing anything, ask yourself ‘who is going to read this content’? Always keep in mind that you are not writing for the Google algorithm but for the reader. And that reader is your future customer who genuinely reads your stuff. You must have uniqueness in your writing that your reader fails to find anywhere else. And for that you need to research more, and read SEO Content Writing Samples for more knowledge of SEO writing. You can’t be a master of SEO in such a short period of time, so ask for professional help. For doing so, you can go for the best SEO Services in Delhi.

  4. Supplement Content

    Supplement ContentImage Credit – myventure.in

    Supplement content is the term which you may unaware of. It is the feature that helps the user to navigate your site through another way such as articles, blogs, and any other useful content on your website. It should be relevant so that user finds it meaningful. For using it, you must be alert as excessive use of supplement content may distract the user as well as Google.

  5. Attain the specific reading level

    reading levelImage Credit – www.lynda.com

    Readability level holds an important place in SEO writing. It is the measure of readability of your content. By creating high quality content, your content may be viewed under ‘Advanced Readability Section’. If you want reach the maximum number of readers, you need to be grouped under basic or medium level. Most people recommend that the readability level of any content should be under 8th-grade level. To measure this, there are many tools available such as Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level or the Gunning-Fog Score and SMOG index.

  6. Answer the important questions while SEO writing

    important questionsImage Credit – indiastudyinstitute.in

    Readers always look for answers in a piece of content. For example: ‘How to Write Blogs for SEO’? Or How SEO grows your business? Or know about SEO Copywriting Course. These are some general questions that users ask on a daily basis. So if you are writing a piece of content, you must be sure that it provides the answers for all the questions asked. Make sure that your content is helpful to the users.


The main goal of SEO writing is to gain the maximum number of visitors. But it is also important to create such content so that potential customers soon turn into actual customers. After all, that’s the goal, right? So, you need to push your limits to be a professional SEO article writer. Seek help from the agency proving the best SEO Services Delhi , and take your business to soaring heights.

Content optimization vs search engine optimization

Content optimization vs search engine optimization

The keyword game is still relevant but the task of SEO is got more complex over the past few years. We have entered in the era of rich content so the keyword the SEO are the compound as well as worthy as pure keyword optimization has evolved over the years.

Today you have to cover up the whole content not just relying onto the keyword density. So, it is important to think content optimization rather than keyword density. But firstly you need to know the term content optimization, so starting with the Content Optimization Strategy:

Topic Modeling: A Basic Framework for Your Content

content-frameworkImage Credit – dandoesdigital.co.uk

Earlier, you use to do the same basic keyword research by the Content Optimization Tools like Keyword Planner, and doing the work plot on what people were searching most often. But, as Google continues to filter their algorithms to offer the better results for their customers such as use of AI to improve the results, it’s more important to use topic modeling as your approach to keywords.

If you are writing some content on any topic, your content should naturally include keyword and related topics. So focus less on keyword density and more about covering the topic in depth is important.

Creating Authoritative Content Everyone Loves

content everyone lovesImage Credit – eqtm.com

Step One: Firstly you need to focus on the content you are writing about. Determine your content goals rather than stuffing keyword unnecessarily.

Step Two: Research is the key. You should know your target audience.

Step Three: Insert Group keywords into the single cluster. Write relevant pieces to each cluster

Search for your core term. Look for the relevant results, and see what topics are about. Identify the searcher’s aim, and create topic on, create topic clusters with related content. Start with the relevant information in your article that provides a wider view of the topic, and link to that particular article that cover the whole topic more in detail. Cover all the relevant angles.

When you look at the searches related to the topic, you’ll see people are looking for the particular topic and as well as related topics.

Content marketing is a popular and effective Content Optimization Technique and also online marketing strategy, but even if you have the absolute best and most informative content, still people can’t find it. That’s where content optimization and Search Engine Optimization make the difference – but just because you are too focused on SEO and keywords density, doesn’t mean you’re actually making a powerful content. Let’s see how you can use them both to create reliable content that’s easy for your target audience for look out. For more depth knowledge, contact to the Content Writing Services in Delhi.


seoImage Credit – digiwebart.com

It is an Internet marketing strategy, SEO means how search engines work, the computer programmed algorithms which identify the search engine behavior, that is, what people mostly search or the actual search terms or keywords showed in search engines, and which search engines showed the targeted audience. Optimizing a website refers to editing its content, adding content, doing HTML, and coding to both which increase its relevance to keywords.


Between the discussion of how Google is shifting to an AI and the topic modeling in order to the content creation, it is easy to believe that keyword is the prominent tool. But, in reality, SEO becomes complex nowadays, we all have to start with that core keyword in order to knowing how to tackle everything from a content and competition point of view fixbodygroup.com. For better understanding of SEO, go for the SEO Services in Delhi. They will teach you the effective SEO tactics.

How to upgrade your content in 2018: 5 advanced methods

How to upgrade your content in 2018: 5 advanced methods

Content promotion has become one of the most important strategies in today’s world, wherein competitors are huge in numbers, but conversion rates are less. When you write and promote a piece of content, how do you know whether it’s really of any use to the audiences reading it? Creating content just for the sake of creating it will do no good to your website. Content promotion with the help of the latest SEO techniques 2018 has come a long way.

Having trouble upgrading your content? Incorporate these five methods to advance your content in 2018:

  1. Take help of an influencer

    influencerImage Credit – influencermarketinghub.com

    If you are an active content marketer, you must have heard the term influencer outreach. Influencers have taken over the market and play a pivotal role in shaping opinions, through their knowledge and expertise. So involving an influencer will not only help you publish your content, but will help you promote it, making it reach a larger audience.

    Before publishing your content, contact influencers and ask them whether the topic chosen by you is in line with the current trends. Ask them whether they would be interested in reviewing and promoting your content. After your content is published, make a mention of the influencer you took assistance from and acknowledge them. Ask them to share and promote your content and widen its reach to all platforms. For more insight on producing quality content, hire the best agency that provides content writing services in Delhi.

  2. Make contributions 

    contributionsImage Credit – turnonlights.org

    There is no use keeping your content to yourself, when you have the fantastic opportunity to contribute it to content sharing communities. Not only your content will become accessible to a wide range of audiences, but will also help you generate leads and gain conversions. Select a platform that has the most active set of participants. Here are some of the most active communities where you can distribute your content:

    • YouTube
    • LinkedIn
    • Twitter
    • Buzzfeed
    • Reddit
    • Quora

    Some of these are paid while some are freely accessible. So choose a platform that is most likely to give you positive results, without making it obvious to people that you’re promoting it.

  3. Create snippets 

    snippetsImage Credit – snippetsgame.com

    When you promote your content, snippets play a powerful role. They help improve your content promotion strategies and gain more website traffic over a period of time. Creating multiple variants of your snippets for your content will help you gain better engagement and help you analyze results effectively. You can do the following:

    • Incorporate statistic while messaging to add effects.
    • Do not forget to add a CTA (Call To Action)
    • Create different versions of your title, no matter how long or complex they are.
    • Add questions that go along with your subject.
  4. Update existing posts

    Update-Your-Existing-BlogsImage Credit – ethicalblogging.com

    If you think that your previous content that has settled under dust, it’s time that you brush off the dust and freshen it up by incorporating the latest information, so that it is still relatable and meaningful to the audiences. Keep your content in line with the latest developments so that it doesn’t look outdated and make it flexible to changes, if any.

  5. Grab opportunities

    opportunitiesImage Credit – creativeaccess.org.uk

    In order to make content marketing an effective exercise, it is important that you create content that is of high quality and caters to the needs of the audiences at large. Not only that, you can get hold of opportunities like:

    • Invitation for podcast appearances
    • interaction opportunities with influencers on webinars
    • book publishing
    • speaking at conferences


Content promotion is not as easy as it sounds; it is an exercise that requires a lot of focus and expertise. Now that you are familiar with these advanced methods and the latest SEO techniques 2018, you know how to make your content visible, popular and effective. For quality content, contact the best content writing agency in India.

How to write the perfect Statement of Purpose

How to write the perfect Statement of Purpose

Obtaining education in a foreign university is every student’s dream. If you’re of them, then you already know how difficult a job it is to be in one. And that’s when you would want a Statement of Purpose to convince the university faculty why you want to be a part of it.

SOP writing in India has become a powerful instrument with rising applications for education in abroad.

SOP is a statement about you, about your dreams, your ambitions, your previous achievements and your future goals. This personal statement about you gives the universities an insight about who you are and what you do.

Professional SOP writing is not difficult, but not easy either. It takes a lot of patience, attention and determination to write a winning SOP, that guarantees you a place in your dream University.

There are a lot of SOP writing services in Delhi that offer SOP writing solutions, which you can make use of to write your SOP. But in case you’re planning not to, watch out for these amazing tips to write a powerful SOP:

    1. Describe yourself

Discribe yourselfImage Credit – themuse.com

When you begin writing your SOP, keep in mind that the readers want to know who you are. So start with giving a good introduction about yourself. Write about your interests, what motivated you to apply for the particular university or course, what are your future goals and so on. After reading your introduction, the faculty should know about you as a person.

    1. Statement v/s story

Statement vs story

Writing a statement and a story in an SOP are two different approaches, out of which, statement is bland. When you write an SOP, write it as a story, not a statement.

If you write a statement of some NGO that you’ve worked for, it’ll have almost no effect on the person reading it. Whereas a story will make the reader imagine your experience in a nutshell.

    1. Summarize


Tell them about your interests and motivations, what you want to pursue, why you want to pursue it, any specific professor that you admire, what motivated you to apply for the course etc. Don’t exaggerate and keep it simple, yet engaging.

    1. Tell them what you have

Tell them what you have

In your SOP, highlight your key skills, prior experiences in different fields of interest, and show them that you know both technical and non-technical skills. Tell them what differentiates you from others. Show them that you’re unique. Be honest and don’t give misleading information.

Follow these SOP writing tips to make your SOP ‘AVERAGE’ TO ‘OH-SO-PERFECT’:

  • Be yourself. Do not exaggerate and do not overstate your achievements. Providing false information will push you off the moon door.
  • Highlight your strengths and portray your weaknesses in a positive light.
  • Send your SOP to professors, friends and family and ask them to grade it.
  • Edit and re-edit your SOP until you feel it looks perfect.
  • Don’t make your SOP a thesis. It should be a two-page profile at the maximum. You can also hire professional SOP writers if you want to have a powerful SOP in hand.
  • Look out for some SOP samples for more insight.

Wrap up

After working hard to clear your exam and finally getting a university to apply for, it’s like a dream come true. But that can only happen if your SOP has won the hearts of them all. So if you are a beginner, follow these tips and look for the Professional SOP writers in Delhi to help you out with the same.

How to Assess Content Promotion Performance on Social Media

How to Assess Content Promotion Performance on Social Media

The whole idea of promoting content on social media is to increase the content’s visibility, generate traffic and thereby increasing the conversion rate. With so much time and resources being spent on promoting the content on these platforms, it becomes imperative to analyse if your promotion strategy is bearing fruits.

Brands also need to analyse not only if their measures are generating positive results but also how much they can gain from their SMO promotion tactics. Tools like BUZZSUMO can be used to collect the list of pages that have ever been shared on Social Networks. Google Analytics can be used to compile the list of pages that have attracted traffic.

Analyze Traffic

Prepare an audit spread sheet for social media. Create a spreadsheet for the social media channels you want to track. Each social media channel will be analyzed individually. Google Sheets can be a useful tool for the purpose.

Investigate the followers – their growth and behaviour.

Just visit each social network and find the number of followers. For better insights, use the social media Analytics and check the follower growth. The number of followers on each media, at what rate they are growing and how they behave can be tracked, and necessary steps to make improvements can be taken.

If tracking each social media channel is difficult for you, a tool like CYFE can be used to monitor the follower growth of your top social networks together.

Spot unevenness in traffic

All the top social networks have built-in analytics to show the number of impressions you content receive. The impression is the number of people that visit your social media content.

Use these built-in analytics to find out the amount of traffic over a period. Like Google search console can collect the pages that have earned impressions in Google. Twitter Analytics for impressions on Twitter. The graph will show if there is any highs or lows on a particular day for any network. This can be looked into, and the causes can be ascertained as to what drove higher or lower traffic on a particular day.

Like for example, you find that on a particular day the traffic on your twitter account was double than the other days. And this was the day when you posted more content than usual on your account. This would mean that to generate higher traffic, posting more content might be beneficial.

Examine user engagement

Increase in traffic and followers are meaningless if it doesn’t convert into higher user engagement. The amplification rate (the number of reshares and retweets per post) and the applause rate (retweets, likes, repins etc.) can make you aware of the user engagement with your content. A good user engagement can mean that the followers like what you share and are interested in your content and vice versa.

Accordingly, steps can be taken to improve the current situation. Viewer comments can provide valuable insight for these improvements.  Social media Analytics can be used to find out the number of clicks and traffic on your content. Every click will not result in traffic. If there is a high discrepancy in the number of clicks and traffic, then this must be looked into to find the cause.


Evaluating the performance is a time-consuming process but it is essential to do so. If you have a good team for Digital Marketing then they can take care of the evaluation process or you can hire a good SEO Services Provider to assist you.

Tips to avoid Content Marketing Mistakes to Earn More Links

Tips to avoid Content Marketing Mistakes to Earn More Links

A potential customer is always interested in a content he can relate to, learn from and that helps him achieve his goals. Content marketing is all about creating content that attracts a potential customer’s interest in a brand. It is the most effective way to earn links. It has multiple benefits for the brand like strengthening relationships, increasing creditability and referral traffic. Companies spend a considerable amount of resources in planning and implementing their content marketing strategies, but many a time the result is not as per their expectations. find more informations here . Few mistakes which they need to take care of are listed below:

Clichéd Content

Content that has been discussed and linked often does not offer much value. The uniqueness of the idea is the first necessity of the content. An idea that offers a different perspective and sets it apart from others is likely to succeed. A brand can conduct their own research and involve their clients and different departments to arrive at a new idea.

Compromise Quality

Many a time, companies focus all their energies on creating a large amount of content. And the quality of the content is compromised in such a scenario. Such low-quality content is not able to connect with the user at a more in-depth level and fails miserably. Quality content takes time and effort and keeps the consumer’s interest foremost. This content stands a better chance to do well.

No Target Audience

So many times, companies ignore to mark their audience. No research is conducted to identify the interest of the potential customer and tend to rely on their own assumptions. The content might be awesome but is not relatable to the user and therefore fails.

No Set Objectives

A brand needs to define what is expected of its content marketing strategy. What constitutes success and what are the deadlines for a plan? Objectives to be accomplished should be stated clearly, and the entire approach should be designed around it.

Loose Promotion Strategy

If the right people are not aware of your content, they can’t read it or share it. Various promotion options have to be evaluated and worked upon, and a mix of best ones should be chosen. Brands should focus on personalising it for different customer base and distributing the content through appropriate channels.

Wrong Targeted Market

Sometimes companies try to do too much at the same time. Their marketing strategies target a generic section of users instead of the ones who really need their product. Focusing their time on researching every prospect will yield better results for them. It can be done by sending personalised emails, personal messages, twitter messages, meeting journalists who have written something about the similar product etc.

Not User-Friendly and Shareable

The content should be created keeping the promotion strategy in mind. Content that does not think of user comfort or can’t be shared easily is not valuable. Multiple forms of content are important to make the content readable and interesting. Few formats like videos, animations, graphics, research, interviews, roundups and case studies make them highly shareable.


Why Your Content Marketing isn’t working? If you are struggling to find answers of similar questions then you must take help from a Content Marketing Agency. They can analyse your current strategy regarding Content Marketing based on above-discussed mistakes and develop a perfect approach to tackle Content Marketing. That would be helpful in accomplishing your goals and sales targets.