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Remarketing and Retargeting: How are they different?
Remarketing and Retargeting: How are they different?
October 18, 2018
How seo grows your business and leads?
How seo grows your business and leads?
October 22, 2018

Content optimization vs search engine optimization

Content optimization vs search engine optimization

The keyword game is still relevant but the task of SEO is got more complex over the past few years. We have entered in the era of rich content so the keyword the SEO are the compound as well as worthy as pure keyword optimization has evolved over the years.

Today you have to cover up the whole content not just relying onto the keyword density. So, it is important to think content optimization rather than keyword density. But firstly you need to know the term content optimization, so starting with the Content Optimization Strategy:

Topic Modeling: A Basic Framework for Your Content

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Earlier, you use to do the same basic keyword research by the Content Optimization Tools like Keyword Planner, and doing the work plot on what people were searching most often. But, as Google continues to filter their algorithms to offer the better results for their customers such as use of AI to improve the results, it’s more important to use topic modeling as your approach to keywords.

If you are writing some content on any topic, your content should naturally include keyword and related topics. So focus less on keyword density and more about covering the topic in depth is important.

Creating Authoritative Content Everyone Loves

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Step One: Firstly you need to focus on the content you are writing about. Determine your content goals rather than stuffing keyword unnecessarily.

Step Two: Research is the key. You should know your target audience.

Step Three: Insert Group keywords into the single cluster. Write relevant pieces to each cluster

Search for your core term. Look for the relevant results, and see what topics are about. Identify the searcher’s aim, and create topic on, create topic clusters with related content. Start with the relevant information in your article that provides a wider view of the topic, and link to that particular article that cover the whole topic more in detail. Cover all the relevant angles.

When you look at the searches related to the topic, you’ll see people are looking for the particular topic and as well as related topics.

Content marketing is a popular and effective Content Optimization Technique and also online marketing strategy, but even if you have the absolute best and most informative content, still people can’t find it. That’s where content optimization and Search Engine Optimization make the difference – but just because you are too focused on SEO and keywords density, doesn’t mean you’re actually making a powerful content. Let’s see how you can use them both to create reliable content that’s easy for your target audience for look out. For more depth knowledge, contact to the Content Writing Services in Delhi.


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It is an Internet marketing strategy, SEO means how search engines work, the computer programmed algorithms which identify the search engine behavior, that is, what people mostly search or the actual search terms or keywords showed in search engines, and which search engines showed the targeted audience. Optimizing a website refers to editing its content, adding content, doing HTML, and coding to both which increase its relevance to keywords.


Between the discussion of how Google is shifting to an AI and the topic modeling in order to the content creation, it is easy to believe that keyword is the prominent tool. But, in reality, SEO becomes complex nowadays, we all have to start with that core keyword in order to knowing how to tackle everything from a content and competition point of view For better understanding of SEO, go for the SEO Services in Delhi. They will teach you the effective SEO tactics.

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