Letter Of Explanation Sample For Canada- Supply Chain Management

Letter Of Explanation Sample For Canada- Supply Chain Management

The consequences of a result are more concerning than the result itself. After you receive a refusal on your SOP, getting rid of the immediate stress that occurs to you is challenging. You are in the same boat if you have experienced the same. Thousands of ambitious students apply for supply chain management courses, and Canada is their first choice. The embassy receives numberless student visa applications. Unfortunately, not all get accepted, which leaves the aspirants to try once more through a letter of explanation.

Have you ever thought how precious a Letter of Explanation can be as your precious second chance? Yes, you know, but perhaps you don’t know much about its technicalities. How about taking a deep dive into the concept and role of LOE for Canada in Supply Chain Management? You can exploit the knowledge below to use a letter of explanation to make another effort for your dreams.

What is a letter of explanation?

A letter of explanation is a supporting document attached to your student visa application in case of rejection on the first visa request. It is a formal document like a statement of purpose but with a different purpose. It provides supporting factors to justify why the previous rejection decision was incorrect. With justification to avoid rejection, a student requests to reconsider student visa approval. However, it is a formal document with some guidelines; thus, several students prefer to get a hint through a Letter of Explanation Sample for Canada. You can find free online samples for this purpose and can shape your hope again.

How to write an impressive letter of explanation (LOE) After a Refusal for Canada?

When preparing formal documents, the most impressive factor will be your sincerity in sticking to the guidelines. Following the embassy rules is your first step toward approval of the letter of explanation for Canada study permit. Just like an SOP, a letter of explanation has a format and several writing guidelines. You can also call it a refusal SOP.

Introduce yourself briefly

It starts with your name and once your name and the purpose for LOE. Mention the reasons for rejection. Clarify that you believe the grounds of rejection were incorrect and you want a reconsideration for visa approval.

Mention the course and university name

Your letter of explanation (LOE) after refusal for Canada is more crucial than an SOP; it gives you a second chance. Mention the name of your course, such as supply chain management, and the university’s name. Also, describe the reasons for choosing a course and the educational institutions. Supply chain management is a promising stream with multiple job options like logistics manager, purchasing agent, operations manager, and many more. Explain the significance of the course for your career and the good factors about the university.

Academic and professional record

For students, educational background details are necessary. Mention them briefly but do not skip any essential information. But adding your industry experience is always a plus point if you are a working professional. If there was any hardship in your career or academic life, try to downplay it. If you can’t do that, hire professional SOP Writing Services, the experts know how to make it happen. It is your second chance, do not waste it. Do not solve your uncertainties with any experiments in LOE writing.

Authenticate your factors to prefer Canada for supply chain management

Strong factors work behind your preferences for a country. You need to explain all those reasons most rationally. It strengthens the performance of your letter of explanation (LOE) after refusal in the embassy office. Give reasons that are believable and not pleasing. Mention the geographical factors, list the reasons to love a country’s culture, and appreciate the high-quality education.

Role of visa acceptance on your future goals

Visa refusal was painful for you and reminded you of the direct impact on your dreams of a brighter future. Take out the deepest portion of your intent to express how necessary is the visa approval for you. Describe how it can help craft your career in the supply chain management sector. Keep reminding the visa officers of the significance of the country for higher studies. Don’t forget a letter of explanation (LOE) for Canada is not only for a course. It also attains permission to enter a country.

Ties to your country

This section first explains your ties with your family, especially your parents, and siblings. The embassy officers need to ensure that after completing the course, you have plans to return to your native country. You should sound deeply connected to your family. Professional ties are also important to mention. They can be about your plans to work in big companies in your country. You may even have business plans pending to be implemented in the native country. It makes your letter of explanation After refusal more impressive. Most important is to prove your intent.

Financial aid

This section is specifically helpful if your refusal was due to financial reasons. Mention every detail you need to prove that you are financially stable. Name the person sponsoring your education, the source of money, and the value of movable and immovable assets, and write everything. Inform about timely deposit of tuition fee and GIC certificate. Sometimes students think if they get a job while studying in Canada, it will help prove their financial part. Never mention it in your document. LOE is the best tool to use your Sop for Canada Visa After Refusal to attain approval. Don’t spoil it with silly mistakes.

How does a Letter of Explanation Sample for a Canada Visa help you write a perfect document?

Many students who want to attempt writing their letter of explanation without any external help need guidance through a sample. For this purpose, they want to refer to a letter of Explanation Sample for Canada Visa. Do you also want to get one? You can obtain it online quickly and free of cost. SOP Help, an SOP writing service provider, provides free-of-cost samples for SOP letters and LOE documents.

You can attain multiple benefits from a letter of explanation –

  •  A sample of LOE is an exact imitation of an actual copy. It means you can understand the nook and cranny of technicalities of LOE writing.
  • Reading a sample gives you an insight into the mistakes you made while writing the statement of purpose on the first chance.
  • Maintain the right tone while writing a letter of explanation for refusing to relate the details across the document.
  • It explains the aspects on which your SOP was judged wrongly and gives a chance to demand reconsideration.

LETTER OF EXPLANATION (LOE) Sample for Canada Study Visa
Supply Chain Management Post

The High Commission of Canada,

Subject: Request to reconsider my Study Visa application for Canada
Dear High Commissioner,
I, {Country}, feel grateful to receive another chance to showcase my overall persona for your kind evaluation. I am writing this in response to the refusal letter that I got against my previous visa application {UCI No.} {Application No.}. Having acquired an inquisitive bent of mind toward the field of Supply Chain Management, I decided to gain an international learning approach in the same. I even sought admission to Cape Breton University in Canada from where I received the Letter of Acceptance as well to study Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Supply Chain Management program. However, my previous attempt to get a Study Visa for Canada got refused due to the following reason:
Refusal Ground – “The purpose of your visit to Canada is not consistent with a temporary stay given the details you have provided in your application.”
Now, I will make sure that I provide justification for the aforementioned ground on which my visa got rejected in the best manner possible. I hope that this time around, my visa application will be considered in a good light and I will get my requisite Canada Study Visa which will further allow me to begin my respective study program at the university circles.


Familial ties

  • My primary tie to my home country is my beloved family with whom I am very close. In my family, I have my husband, father, mother, brother, sister-in-law, two nieces, father-in-law, mother-in-law, and brother-in-law and his wife and their children.
  • My husband is in the {Profession} along with my father-in-law and brother-in-law whereas my mother-in-law is a {Profession}. On the other hand, my father is a {Profession}, my mother is a {Profession}, and my brother is a {Profession} in {Country} while his wife is an {Profession}.
  • I love my husband very much and we share a very strong bond. We are physically and emotionally dependent on each other and cannot bear the pain of living apart for very long. As he has the responsibility of taking care of his business and properties, he also cannot join me in Canada. Thus, I have to get back to India post completing my education in Canada as soon as possible to reunite with my husband.
  • My father is diagnosed with { Disease} and his treatment is ongoing. I can’t leave my father in such a condition of his and want to be close to him as much as possible as I love him very much.
  • My parents and parents-in-law are old and need constant care which I wish to provide for them as their daughter and daughter-in-law respectively. I want to be there for them to give them not just physical support but emotional support as well. If need be, I am willing to offer financial help as well.
  • Both my families have supported me immensely and are looking forward to seeing me succeed in my career. Hence, with such a loving and caring family by my side, I do not want to live away from them forever and would like to spend the rest of my life alongside them. This is why I am keen on returning to India after finishing my studies in Canada.

Professional ties

  • India is growing at a fast pace and has managed to prove its worth to the world by being the fifth-biggest economy in the world. India has huge potential of making the life of a professional fulfilling as the work culture of the country has solidified.
  • There are many multinational companies that are well-established in India and offer great work opportunities to the people. Along with an attractive salary, they also provide additional perks that make an employee feel satisfied and happy in their workplace.
  • With such a working environment available in India along with a plethora of job prospects, I do not have the urge of working outside India at all. If I am getting all the work-related benefits in India, why would I live away from my husband and the whole family in another country all alone?
  • In the long run, I not just plan on becoming a highly-experienced Consultant for the company I will be working for, but I also want to set up my own consulting business in India. To start the same, I have to be in India in any case.


My parents and I are endorsing my education and accommodation costs in Canada. My parents have enough funds in their bank account to back my finances when I am studying in Canada. I too have sufficient funds in my bank account through which I have already paid the GIC amount of {Amount}. I have numerous Fixed Deposits as well which have a total of about {Amount}. The tuition fee of {Amount} is paid by my parents who have a net worth of {amount}. All the relevant financial documents that are proof of my and my parents’ capability to finance my expenses in Canada are enclosed herewith for your kind perusal.


I have had a fruitful academic experience as it peppered me with valuable learnings and skills so far. I did my Bachelor of {program name} from {College}, with {Score} in {Year}. Afterward, I attained a Post Graduate Diploma in {Course} and {Course}, with {score} in {Year}. Then, my inclination toward the Management field led me to study Master’s in Business Administration with a specialization in Human Resources Management which I passed with {Score} in {Year} from {College}.
To acquire first-hand experience, I stepped into the work setting of {Profession}. I worked here for over {Time} after which I shifted my professional base to {Company} where I joined as a {Designation}. After a while, I got promoted to the {Profile}, and ever since I have been working in the same job role.


While I was pursuing my MBA, I got exposed to the subject of Production and Operations Management which is basically a minute section of the vast Supply Chain Management field. In the said subject, I got introduced to the topics like Product Design and Selection, Operation Management, Production Planning and Control, Process Selection, Purchasing Management, and Inventory Management to name a few. Collectively, all of these topics budded in me a huge interest in the domain of Supply Chain Management and that is how I decided to acquire professional exposure in the same as this very field is exactly where my heart truly lies. My current work duties align perfectly with the program that I have chosen to study at Cape Breton University as I oversee everything beginning from the arrangement of raw materials to the dispatchment of the product. In totality, I have {Time} of work experience in the Production Planning and Inventory Control department and {Time} of experience before that in the Planning and Purchase department. Now, I want to climb the ladder of success and due to not having a formal educational certificate in Supply Chain Management, I am finding it difficult to get leading job roles. This is why I have cemented my decision of acquiring a global learning perspective in my domain of interest and have chosen Cape Breton University for the same where I will pursue the Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Supply Chain Management program.
I am confident that from my selected course of study, I will get into the depths of supply chain management. I will get to learn how to find out potential markets while developing alternate collaborators to attain sustainable competitive benefits and understand extensively the various IT tools to effectively coordinate the activities of supply chain stakeholders. I will also become well aware of the market dynamics, cost accounting, problem-solving and troubleshooting, global/cross-cultural issues, legal implications, and business law and commercial contracts. Apart from that, I will also get to understand the numerous risks in global sourcing like cultural differences, currency rate volatility, and financial and political risks. I will be able to acquire all these knowledge and skills by being acquainted with noteworthy courses in my chosen program. Some of these courses are Supply Chain Management, Mathematics for Business, Computers in Business, Calculus for Business, Quantitative Methods, Procurement and Supply Management, Logistics & Transportation, Business Analytics Fundamentals, Data Visualization, Global Sourcing, Operations Management, Statistics for Business Analytics, and Information Systems for Management.


I have chosen Cape Breton as my ultimate study institute in Canada because it is regarded as one of the top places where an international student like me wishes to study. To be specific, Cape Breton University is a public university and has a university rank of 68 all over Canada. The overall learning infrastructure of the institute is superlative and the faculty members are also highly-experienced in their respective areas of study. The university offers a unique syllabus that consists of managing resources, accounts, and information as they pass from manufacturer to consumer. Studying at this university will also provide me with the opportunity to acquire first-hand experience with the help of internships and projects. This will not just expand my pool of knowledge but also help me incur worthwhile practical skills. The facilities provided at the university are excellent, especially the student service team that ensures that every student’s doubts are cleared and all of them are heard without any partiality. Even the tuition fee of Cape Breton is low compared to the other universities in Canada.


Canada is amongst the most desired places for higher studies all over the world. To put it simply, Canada is the third most preferred country for students hailing from every corner of the globe. The institutes of Canada are top-notch, some of them also being ranked at the top. The tuition fee and living costs in Canada are quite affordable when compared with equally renowned countries like the UK, the USA, Australia, and many more. The universities of Canada offer exceptional quality education as the education system of Canada is outstanding. The learning facility includes state-of-the-art tools and study materials that help the students gain the latest information. As the accommodation rates are also low, it gets easy for international students to live in the country without worrying about their financial expenses much. In addition to that, the multicultural atmosphere of Canada makes the country a great place to live in as people here can study or live peacefully with no stress of facing any kind of racial discrimination. This makes the overall ambiance of the universities and the country safe and sound. Coming to the Indian institutes, they mostly concentrate on offering theory-based learning which is not what I seek. I am yearning for abundant field exposure in my domain of interest which I am certain I can get in the best manner only in Canada. Moreover, with an internationally-recognized diploma under my belt, I will get plenty of better job opportunities in India with a handsome salary as well.


Post winding up my studies at Cape Breton University, I will get back to my home country, { country}, carrying along with me all the learnings that I incurred during my study time in Canada. I will then get myself a good job at a reputed firm that pays me well. I wish to be a key contributor to the growth of the company that I will work for. Over the long haul, I reckon on becoming a highly-skilled Consultant for well-known companies in India. At the same time, I will also commence my own consulting firm in {country} and work on taking it to the pinnacle of success.


I have a good understanding of the English language as my previous mode of instruction was English only. To provide testimony of my English proficiency, I have attached with this application the results of my IELTS exam. Here, I secured an overall band score of {Point} in which I got {Point} bands in Listening, {Point} bands in Reading, {Point} bands in Writing, and {Point} bands in Speaking.


I, hereby, declare that I have very well knowledge of the immigration laws of Canada and am adamant about abiding by all of them until I make a return to India. On a final note, I wholeheartedly request you view my visa application positively this time and grant me approval for my much-needed Study Visa for Canada. This will not only help me commence my studies in the vicinity of the university but also will help me become eligible enough to take my career to greater heights in the future.


You may have many insecurities after the first refusal, but do not let them compromise your confidence. You should know that this is happening to millions of students every year. Most of them get approval for a second chance. Your letter of explanation will undoubtedly bring good news. Just focus on the factors that ensure a high approval ratio of the document. However, hiring Professional SOP Writing Services is also advisable if you want to be confident about approval. Last but not least, document preparation under the embassy’s guidelines is always the best idea to get fast approval for your student visa. All the best for your efforts and a future as bright as a star.