Lakhs of students migrate to Canada every year; some get a visa while others get a refusal. The Letter of explanation is a document that is written after getting a visa refusal. This document is sent to the Canadian embassy requesting to grant a study visa for Canada. Students often face refusal from the visa authority because their visa SOP is either inappropriate or the students make some mistake in attaching the required documents. This is why a letter of explanation is written, the documents are re-submitted, and the mistakes are corrected by the applicant. It is simple to draft this document; all you need is the right way to do so. The visa authority expects your SOP to be accurate, and to do the needful; you must pay attention while writing this document. With this, let us see how a letter of explanation can be drafted.

Is writing a letter of explanation necessary in a refusal case?

Yes, it is important to write a letter of explanation if you want a visa to study in Canada. A statement of purpose is one of the most important documents in getting a visa to Canada. However, if you are a student who has got a visa refusal, there will be a reason behind it. You need to re-apply in this case which is why a Letter of Explanation (LOE) for Canada is required. To find out that reason, you need to go through your previous SOP first. Try to figure out where it all went wrong. After you are done with that, begin writing your Letter of explanation.

Tips for writing a letter for explanation

  1. Do not make your LOE too long; you are writing the document to the Canadian embassy, so make it look like a brief summary of everything.
  2. Keep a check on the word count. Try to abide by all the guidelines given by the visa authority. Make sure that your Letter of Explanation for Refusal is written in a consistent flow and is not dull.
  3. Your tone should be formal and keep your points clear and concise throughout the document. Be positive; it will put a good impression on the reader.
  4. You must be respectful while writing the LOE, and don’t use any slang or disrespectful words. Getting a Canada visa after refusal won’t be so difficult if you understand the way of conveying your message.
  5. Pay attention to your vocabulary; you need to avoid any kind of grammatical errors. If you have made such a mistake in your previous SOP, try to avoid it this time.
  6. Say a big no to plagiarism. The visa officers are experts in catching copied content, so avoid the same. Rather take help from professional LOE writers; they will ensure that your document is perfect.
  7. Figure out the mistakes from your previous SOP and fix them in your LOE. If there are any missing documents, re-attach them and mention everything about it clearly.
  8. While you answer some questions, complete the same within one single sentence. Don’t make the sentences too long.

Elements of a letter of explanation?

There is a proper format and guidelines that should be followed while writing a letter of explanation. The document should be in order, just like the statement of purpose. Your Letter of explanation for canada study permit after refusal should be included with relevant information, and try to fix the mistake the second time. The visa authority evaluates every single piece of information in the LOE, so make your intentions very clear. Make your tone formal, and make sure to make a checklist of other required documents too. You can refer to your previous SOP for Canada Visa too. With this, let us see how an LOE can be written.


Just like the statement of purpose, your LOE will also begin with an introduction. Introduce yourself, give a salutation, and then mention a little bit about your education. Your Letter Of Explanation After Refusal should be written in a better way. Write about your major field of study, your most recent educational qualification, your previous work experience (if you have any), and any other data that might be helpful for the officers. Other than this, mention your home country in brief. Your introduction should be appealing that will help you catch the reader’s attention. You can also refer to a Sample SOP for Canada refusal. In case you take professional help from SOP Help, we will provide you with a sample SOP that will help you get a rough idea about your final document.

The main body

The body of the LOE is the most important part of the document. You should express yourself in a clear way. Your LOE for canada should reflect the reasons behind choosing Canada for your further studies. Give reasons for why you chose the respective university/college, why you are interested in the particular program, and how you will obtain financial support. Make your intentions quite clear about returning to your home country once you are done with the course. You can write about your family ties in your home country. Include that you have some business plans that you will execute after returning to your homeland. Detail all this information in your SOP for Canada after refusal. The more you detail well, the better it will be for you to get visa approval.

As you know that there are some documents that require attachment along with the LOE, these documents could be proof of bank statements, proof of your personal assets, a copy of your SOP for college admission, a statement of tuition fees, or a statement of GIC payment. Make sure that you attach these along with your LOE for canada student visa refusal. There are times when students find writing an LOE a difficult task after they get a visa refusal. This is why help is available. You can reach out to us through our website if you need help with your LOE draft. We have a team of experienced LOE writers who are perfect for doing this job on your behalf.

Conclusion of LOE

After you are done with the main body, make sure to conclude your Letter of explanation. Give a short summary of everything and add some extra information, if required. Write that you are aware of immigration laws and make a request for granting a study visa permit. Explain a little bit about your short-term and long-term goals. After the conclusion, you are all set to make the final submission of the document.

End note

As a student, you would understand that this document holds utter importance if you wish to get a study visa permit for Canada. So make sure that you follow all the tips carefully and write the LOE in the order. In case you need help, we are here for you. All you have to do is contact us through our website, and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

LOE Sample for Canada Study Visa
Advanced 3D Animation & 3D Modelling Diploma

The Visa Officer
Canadian High Commission

Subject: Canadian Study VISA Permit Request
Respected Sir/Madame,
I deem it an honor to introduce myself as {Full Name}, barring {Passport Number}, an aspiring candidate from India. I am writing this application to request the Government of Canada, to grant me a student visa upon my interest to pursue higher studies in the country. It gives me immense pleasure to inform you that I have already received an acceptance letter for pursuing Advanced 3D Animation & 3D
Modelling Diploma from the esteemed Bow Valley College, Canada. With a heavy heart, I shall also inform that my application was previously rejected on some significant grounds and hence, this is a re-attempt of justify my intent to visit Canada, which is solely for academic purpose. I shall further endorse this application to submit an outline of my academic background, abilities, interests, and future, thereby proving myself as a prosperous candidate for extensive Canadian education and the course I am opting for.

Refusal reason 1: Your proposed studies are not reasonable in light of: your qualifications, previous studies, mark sheets, academic record, and level of establishment, language abilities, and/or your future prospects and plans.
Academic Background and how it inspired me to be a part of technological industry Education has always been a matter of vital significance in my life. I have always appreciated the beauty in science and logic and have found my way to embrace the same in terms of academics. Taking the right decision to complement my analytical mind since high school, I had opted Physics, chemistry, and Mathematics as my primary subjects, which helped me develop a sharp mind.
During my high-school, when my peers were probably enjoying the teenage, I was on a quest to find a career that interests me the most. As a result, I was often fascinated with the technical workshops conducted in my school to encourage the youth about the possibilities of digitalization in the modern world. I had never missed even one of it; little did I know that it was preparing me for a passionate career. By the time, I passed my high-school with an aggregate of {Percentage} in {Year}, I was sure to proceed ahead in the computational field. Having an analytical background already, it wasn’t very difficult for me to grasp the concepts. Hence, in {Year}, I joined {Institute} and was astonished with the learning of the subject.

Professional learning and its relevancy to my chosen course

As a person determined towards continuous growth, it was never possible for me to limit myself within concepts offered by the textbook. I have always been on a lookout to strengthen my textual fundamentals by the right practical application of the same. With the same focus and vision, I started working as a freelancer for clients such as {Namely}. I basically took the contract based projects to design their logos, brochure, flyers, and other 2d designs. Working practically introduced me to a host of new possibilities and arenas of the industry, out of which 3D Animation and 3D Modeling caught most of my attention. Working and learning the concepts of this field made me feel that I am able to enjoy my work and am fascinated with each and every new prospect, I thrived to explore more. That very moment, I knew that if given a chance to gain knowledge in this field, I can fabricate colossal developments in the same. Hence, I made up my mind for higher studies. Moreover, this course is totally related to my background as I already have great knowledge on creating 2d designs and have worked professionally too for the same. Hence, this course shall provide an extra edge to my overall skillset.

Reasons for choosing Canada

Boosting an Oscar-winning alumni accompanied by the most sprawling animation festival in the world, Canada becomes a perfect destination of academics for an animation enthusiastic like me. The Canadian education of animation and 3D modeling can be broadly categorized in its world-famous infrastructure, out-of-the box mentorship, and updated prospects provided to the students. Since decades, the animations colleges of Canada have been most praised across the world and the graduates are considered for the top positions, particularly in my home country, India – which is still in the developing stage of achieving high-technology. From Norman McLaren to Chris Landreth, this country is well-known for housing some animation pioneers and I expect to learn all that it has to offer. I understand that a course with similar curriculum may be available in my home country; however, as I go in depth to research about the teaching methods and high-functional labs, I am not convinced with the prospects of India. I aspire to have the best fundamental foundation for a fruitful future and I am blessed to have a supporting family and adequate financials to arrange the same.

Reasons for choosing Bow Valley College

Bow Valley College carries its prestige as a respected institution with an affinity to cultivate innovative thinkers and leaders. It provides a course that focuses on the learning of 3D animation, rigging, and 3D modeling, sculpting, texturing, and surfacing. Unlike all the other institutions, it will also give me an exposure imbibes the fundamentals of storytelling through acting and visual composition, look development, and basics of compositing. Getting a chance to gain 360 degree knowledge in production, art, observation, critical review, and soft skills will enable me to prototype my own compositions and shots from the concepts through to completion. Being a part of the diverse student body and
working with intellectual minds will truly determine my growth in the field.

Language Proficiency

So far, I have completed my entire education in English medium, which clearly demonstrates my proficiency in the required language. To further demonstrate the same, I have fulfilled the criteria of IELTS exam and secured an overall score of {Points} bands.
The purpose of your visit to Canada is not consistent with a temporary stay given the details you have provided in your application.
With due honor, I would like to make It evident that my sole purpose of visiting Canada is to gain the knowledge I strive for and I shall definitely return within the stipulated time period. As a learned citizen of India, I understand the immigration rules and regulations imposed upon and assure to abide by the same. The primary reasons that assure my return are explained below

Reasons to return to India

Future prospects in India: The animation industry which was once dominated by the Western countries has now found a new hub in the developing India. It is one of the fastest growing career options in India. With a growing demand of film, television, entertainment, and advertising industry, an insatiable need for animations and special effects to allure the viewers has increased, which is directly proportional to the demand of more and more skilled animators in the country, thereby making it a lucrative career option. As per the recent survey reports, the animation industry employs more than 30,000 professionals every year; offering a minimum salary of 12 lakh per annum. After seeking my Diploma from Canada, I shall be considered amongst the top candidates, thereby securing the role of Animator in top companies such as {Namely}. The salary offered shall also provide a commendable return on my educational investment and I shall be able to prosper my career alongside my family in India. Hence, my decision to return is quite evident as having a career away from family is not an option for me.
Family ties in India: Being the eldest child in the family, I have always been loved and supported by my parents. My parents are soon reaching their elderly age, when they shall expect the eldest son of the family to be by their side for emotional support. As a responsible son, it is my filial obligation to take care of my parents, while my younger brother has recently completed his high-school. He also looks upon me as his ideal and often expects me to help him in taking the right decisions in life. I not only understand my duty to guide him as an elder brother but also wish to set a good example for him with my professional success in India. Hence, my devotion to family assures my return to India.
Family assets in India: As the eldest son of the same, I shall be the primary heir of all the family property. While my brother is young and my parents are reaching their old age, a regular attention for the safety and security of the assets shall in future require my presence in India. Hence, I shall definitely return within the stipulated time period.

Financial Planning

Sponsors: I belong to a well-settled family in India. My father {Name} is working as a {Designation}. He has agreed to fully support me in my decision by funding my education and living expenses in Canada. College fee and GIC payment details: To ensure a proper financial planning, I have already paid my complete tuition fees of {Amount} and have also purchased a GIC of {Amount} to cover my living expenses in Canada. Additionally, I have enough savings to take care of other travel and miscellaneous expenses.
Level of establishment in India:

  1. My father’s ITR Report is attached to ensure a regular flow of income in the family.
  2. Savings deposit of INR _______ = ______ CAD under my father’s name in ___ bank.
  3. A fixed deposit of INR _________= ________ CAD under my name in ______ bank.
  4. Immoveable Asset: Residential property worth INR __________ on my father’s name in {State}, India
  5. Commercial Land worth INR _____ on my father’s name in {State}, India

(Follow the same pattern for more, remove whatever is not applicable)
Please note all relevant documents endorsing the integrity of financial claims made by me are enclosed herewith for your kind perusal.


I take complete responsibility for all the above information and assure you that the provided information is in the best of my interest. I believe that my hold on the prior knowledge and aptitude required for the course makes me eligible for the visa grant. I hope that you consider my application for further procedures and help me in attaining my goals.
{Full Name}