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Keyword Research

This process involves identifying the most relevant keywords and keyword phrases for your content. Various free and paid tools like SEMRush are available to help find out the relevant keywords. A better approach is to find and use phrases which are often used by searchers but is less competitive regarding the search results.

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Competition Analysis

knowing what your competition is doing is the key to making improvements in your marketing strategies. Identify the areas where the competitors are performing better than you. This identification can be done through various free tools available online and then take steps to implement the required changes.

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Off-site SEO

This refers to steps like link building as it is one of the important features in determining the rankings in search engines. A brand should aim for organic links and be cautious of black hat links. Links from poor quality or spammy websites will only affect its ranking negatively.

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On-site SEO

This includes optimizing title tags, ALT tags, Meta description, header tags of the website. The process also involves creating a sitemap with a well-organised list of links of important pages and improving the code to text ratio on your website so that the content moves up in the code and making it easier for search engines to find.

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Content is King

Content is what drives the traffic on your website. Content on the website includes but is not limited to blogs, articles, tutorials, infographics, images, videos, podcasts etc. Investment in content that has the relevant keywords and is original, unique, useful, interesting, engaging, and is regularly updated pays off well and is crucial for the brands.

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Monitoring Results

It is important to keep track of your SEO progress by evaluating your performance from time to time and ensure that the objectives are being achieved. This can be done through many tools available. Tools like GoogleAnalytics help you learn more about the visitors on your website or to track your keyword rankings in search engines; you can use AuthorityLabs.

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Our Process

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Keyword Analysis

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On Page Optimization

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Social & Link Building

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Reporting and Analysis

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Web Daksh seo services

We, at WebDaksh, are one of the leading SEO agencies in Delhi and provide a one-stop solution for all your digital marketing and SEO requirements. Our team of experienced and dedicated SEO experts have over the years worked with a variety of clients in different industries. Our unique perspective and result oriented approach ensures that your brand makes a mark for itself in the market. We are committed to supporting our clients reach their maximum potential and aim to establish a long-term relationship with them. You can rely on us for SEO services that offer you valuable insights and solutions for your digital marketing needs and help you achieve your long-term objectives.

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Technical SEO Audits

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SEO Campaign Setup

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Local SEO Optimization

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Social Media Analysis

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Track Users' Behaviour

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Content Marketing

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Monthly Reports

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Quality Link Building

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