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Internet is now acting as the heart of every communication system. Any good or bad news get viral over the internet in a very few moments. Hence it is necessary to have a good reputation on the internet, and that’s called Online Reputation Management or ORM. While practising ORM, the primary focus is to suppress the bad stories and spread the good one to improve the overall brand value of a company/product or person. In a single statement, it can be explained as “Eliminate negative to spread positive.”

How do Web Daksh ORM services work?

It is necessary to know the procedure of online reputation management service. At Web Daksh technologies by various means like:

Present Rating Image

Present Rating

Planning for the future must be based on the present work. That’s why we first check the current rating of our brand and their point of view about those rating. It helps us for monitoring and creating action and in other process related to online reputation management services.

Monitoring Image


It is a vital part of online reputation management services. Monitoring includes audits related to the activities done by the brands for promotions. It also includes checking the customer’s review and social media activities of the brands as they both play a significant role to build an online reputation.

Eliminate negative branding Image

Eliminate negative branding

You can use only your positive sides by removing the negative ones. In basic terms, ORM services at Web Daksh do the same for you. We remove any negative reviews and also check the authenticity of any negative feedback and give the best alternative to convert it into a positive one.

Taking Appropriate Action Plan Image

Taking Appropriate Action Plan

After doing this much of hard work, it’s time for making a full-proof action plan. The plan that we create at Web Daksh includes forming best brand stories, establishing a positive platform for feedbacks, improved customers engagement and much. All of these things improve your brand authenticity and image.

Prevention Image


Most of you may hear that prevention is better than cure. Most companies lost their worth because of increase in negative user reviews. Our ORM services will fix this for you as we help you to convert the negative feedback into positive by counter solutions or by removing it.

Analyses Image


Analyzing the result at every step is essential. We do the same and give you constant updates regarding your improving brand name. Our auditors and data analyst always a keep their eyes on the stats and that provide the best outcome as your reputed brand name.

The process doesn’t end here visit to consult more about your brand online reputation management.

Why is ORM important?

Now the question why it is essential to have a good image on the internet? The reasons are as follows:

Socialize to monetise Image

Socialize to monetise

Socializing to gather more audience is always a crucial factor that makes you a brand. For people having a good image in people can be trusted easily. ORM helps to have a consistently good image in public by social media and internet.

Repute to promote Image

Repute to promote

Have you ever wondered why any single product from Samsung gets unbelievable sales? This is due to their established reputation over the internet and its customers. Your positive status also helps you in the promotion, and that’s what ORM services do.

From Customer Psych to Sales Hike Image

From Customer Psych to Sales Hike

Most of the users search Google before buying a product or choosing a service. These reviews help them to make their mind before taking service. Bad reviews deplete your repute and hence your market, but good reviews flourish it.

What is ORM Service?

An Online Reputation Management service comprises methods to improve your brand reputation in the market over the internet. ORM services help to improve your public image on the internet. It includes the following fundamentals:

Overall Rating Image

Overall Rating

ORM services agency check your overall rating on the internet and provide you with the best possible solution.

Taking Appropriate Action Image

Taking Appropriate Action

ORM service also create a proper action plan to improve your online reputation.

Monitoring Image


ORM companies continuously monitor for any negative feedback or course of action to counter that or to delete it.

Prevention Image


ORM services are always keeping an eye on your status; they prevent any activity that may disrupt your brand value.

Why Choose Us?

Web Daksh one reputation management services

There are so many ORM service agencies out there but we are the best one as we are working for your and hiring us for ORM will give you the benefit of:

We share your best stories Image

We share your best stories

Your past set your present which establishes your future. We convey your best stories of achievements to build your present reputation and future branding.

Get positive reviews all time Image

Get positive reviews all time

Our ORM plans are strictly based on the consumer psychology. Hence you will always get positive feedback and reviews from your customers.

Increase your brand name Image

Increase your brand name

Getting positive feedback on the internet especially on Google will increase your brand value and its authenticity for different product buying option.

More customers Image

More customers

From our ORM services, you will positive feedback which establishes your brand value. After becoming a genuine brand, your potential customers will also increase.

So what are you waiting for? Call us now to hire Web Daksh online reputation management services and build your brand identity.