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A Content writing strategy should take care of the following points


Define goals and research buyer persona

It is important for a brand to lay down the short term and long term goals it is trying to achieve with the content. The content should connect with your users. A better understanding of your target audience helps content writers create useful and better content. Therefore gather as much data as possible about your audience.

music tone

Compatible Tone

understanding of the target audience is necessary to align your tone with them. The way the content is presented and delivered to the audience matters. A conversational style with friendly and personal tone helps to connect with them. Therefore professional and formal language should be used only for study or research content.


Quality Of Content

A strong and a catchy title becomes necessary to capture the attention of the audience. The content writers should work on breaking the complicated concepts into the simple step-by-step understandable piece. Also, a unique perspective and plagiarism-free content not only interest the users but search engines love them too.


Third party data

These can be gathered through industry blogs, technical and other articles, videos, online publications, online study material, ebooks, etc. Using third-party data helps increase the knowledge and encourages content writers to write more engaging content. Of course, data should be used as a reference or support and not copied as it is.


Shake the users

A controversial topic or a topic that goes against the popular public opinion can attract immediate attention. Not only such articles see high engagement rates, but they move fast on social media. But a content writing agency should ensure such content should be backed by valid arguments and data from reliable sources.

vidual content

Visual Content

Visuals always have a better appeal than the plain text. Social networks like Pinterest and Instagram thrive on this form of content. Visuals include images, infographics, presentation and videos. Embedding visual content into your blogs and articles will increase the traffic, leads generated, authority links and create more brand awareness.

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