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A winning social media marketing strategy includes few steps as mentioned below


Create Goals

laying down practical and specific goals for the brand is the first step in your social marketing strategy. Few of these goals can be – Increase in traffic, increase in sales and revenue, improved ROI, increasing brand awareness, improving quality of services, keeping track of competitor’s strategies etc.


Research the audience

Understanding your audience is the key to convince them into buying. Collect as much data and learn about their age, income group, location, buying habits, where they spend time on the internet, obstacles in buying and find out the type of audience that associates most with different platforms.


Select Appropriate channel

Each social media channel has unique characteristics and unique audience needs. All channels are not suitable for all types of products and businesses. Therefore it is important to identify the type of customer you are interested in and target the right mix of channels that associate with your target audience.


Establish your most important metrics

This includes keeping track of the number of users that see your post. Additionally, the number of clicks, tracking these clicks to understand what holds a users curiosity, most used hashtags by you, hashtags most used and associated with your brand, paid vs organic clicks are also important factors.


Competition Analysis

What your competitors are doing for increased engagement on their website can help you form an effective strategy. Research on your competition can give great insights into valuable data like – relevant keywords and phrases, target audience, what hooks the user, what drives the traffic on their website, the latest trend etc.


Social media Content

It is crucial for brands to create content that goes with their brand identity. Building quality content involves creating content that is a perfect balance of text, images, animations and video content. The brands should work with themes that are attractive, colourful, consistent, and catchy at the same time.


Engage with the audience

The main purpose of social media is to inform, educate, converse, discuss and share content. Therefore brands should take all possible steps to ensure that no engagement opportunity is ignored or left unattended and keep customer care a priority.


Track Results

Analysing and evaluating your performance gives you insights into how well you did and areas that need improvement. Various paid and unpaid tools are available on the internet to help you track the results. For example - Google Analytics can help you track the amount of traffic and conversion from a particular post.

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