Facebook Vs Instagram Vs Twitter Vs Snapchat: How to choose the better platform for business marketing

Facebook Vs Instagram Vs Twitter Vs Snapchat: How to choose the better platform for business marketing

It’s 2018 and Social media has become the game changer for today’s business marketing. It’s been the greatest innovations for human communication and a certain study claims that by 2020, social media is going to have 2.95 billion users, that is, a third of entire’s earth population. Now companies don’t have to spend a large portion of their money on advertisements to reach the general public. Even though there are lots of social media platforms emerging every day to assist companies, one should know how they work and which the best for their business is. If you are looking to make the visual appearance of your company appealing, go for the best SEO Services in Delhi.

Basic points:

Monthly Active Users of:

Facebook: 1.79 billion

Instagram: 600 million

Snapchat: 150 million

Twitter: 317 million

Daily Active Users of:

Facebook: 1.18 billion

Instagram: 300 million

Snapchat: 60 million

Twitter: 100 million

How Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat is beneficial for business marketing?

  1. Instagram

    instagramImage Credit – www.androidguys.com

    While Hashtags have become the new trend among youngsters and frequent involvement with celebrities increases its demand, Instagram is also a proven way for business marketing. In 2018, the competition between Instagram vs Snapchat has ended as Instagram with its more than 600million users won the race.


    Its shop fronts: Instagram profile bio gives the opportunity to add a URL in it.

    Ads: It has introduced Ad facility through Facebook Ad manager.

    Analytics: As Instagram does not have in-built analytics, it can offer detailed analysis with the third party services like Sprout Social or Simply Measured.

    Strategies of Instagram for Business marketing

    • Collaborate with the top influencers.
    • Your caption can tell a story.
    • You can run a contest.
    • Take the support of the advertising platform.
  2. Facebook

    facebookImage Credit – wikipedia.org/

    Facebook is by far the most used social networking site which appeals to almost all the generations. You might be thinking that Facebook or Instagram which is safer? Actually, Facebook is Instagram’s parent company so they follow almost the same set of regulations. It is an effective platform for business marketing as its news feeds, algorithms, blogs and videos can easily reach the target audience. Research shows that 1-4pm is the perfect time frame to get the most likes and shares on Facebook.

    Unique- features

    • Facebook Cards
    • Real-time Facebook comments
    • Spherical Videos
    • Varieties of Pages to watch
    • You can invite on your contact on different page.
    • Apps analytics
    • Detailed Analytics

    It’s Strategies for Business marketing 

    Step 1: Recognizable profile picture

    Step 2: Launch and maintain the company account

    Step 3: Work on the ‘About us’ section

    Step 4: Maintain the profile CTAs

    Step 5: Analyze the page performance deeply

    Step 6: Do not respond quickly

    Step 7: Do not post often

    Step 8: Operate the paid version to increase the reach of the post.

  3. Twitter

    twitterImage Credit – wccftech.com

    It was launched in 2006 and got recognition by journalists, politicians, and celebrities. It is the perfect platform for targeting people as its influence spreads beyond its users. The best thing about Twitter is that it is free unless you hire an SMO expert.

    Unique features:

    • ‘Go Live’ Button for periscope
    • GIF
    • The uncropped picture
    • Anti-harassment features

    Strategies for Twitter:

    • Involve more people for Twitter marketing.
    • Make your Twitter bio effective.
    • Use images, videos, GIFs, etc.
    • Tweet and re-tweet.
    • Follow the latest trends and hashtags.
    • Use Twitter analytics.
  4. Snapchat

    snapchatImage Credit – phys.org

    It is the youngest platform launched in 2011 and 60% of Snapchat users are under 25. It is a great platform for the clothing brand, films, etc.

    Unique features: 

    Scores: It can be viewed when your friend is in your contact list, and posts in any story feed, or chat area.

    Snapcode: This is used to add new friends. To get the snapcode, click the ghost icon on the top of the screen.

    Snapstreak: It will show you different emojis on the Snapchat names in the chat screens.

    Snapchat strategies for business marketing:

    • Utilize the personalized content.
    • Provide access to live events.
    • Conduct contest.
    • Merge with influencers.

In conclusion:

Choosing the right platform for your Business should be your top priority. For any business owner, it is important to have their page informative. If you have a startup business and want to make your page look appealing, search for the best SEO Services Delhi or better learn about SEO tips for startups to boost your business. A business should get analyzed first on its target audience and is the reason behind your marketing to use the right platform.

How social media marketing helps you improve your ROI

How social media marketing helps you improve your ROI

Return On Investment a.k.a. ROI plays an important role in deciding the growth of your ecommerce. Social Media Marketing is the fastest growing trend and holds the vital part of your patrons’ lives. Almost ⅓ of the population spends most of their time on social media.  It means that SMM inevitably widens your ecommerce reach.

Social Media Widens your ecommerce reach!

Ecommerce Expansion

Image Credit – theselfemployed

It is said that social media is a tried and tested formula to reach ample of audiences with the right strategy. SMM is a subset of the Digital Marketing. Having said that, you must be wondering about “why would a website about search engines care about social media?” Well, the fact that the two are very closely related to each other can be explained by the fact that- “Your social media posts tend to build links that in turn support into your SEO efforts”.  In addition to the same, with social media marketing, it is easy to market your services to the right audience at the right time. Moreover, stats suggest that the ecommerce stores which possess a social presence have 32% more sales on average as compared to stores which don’t.

Glance at TOP Social Media Marketing Channels

Social Media Marketing Channels

Image Credit – justtotaltech

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc. are few of the giant social media channels. The Social Media Marketing (SMM) campaign runs around the aforementioned platforms.

In the meantime, below we list down some effective social media marketing techniques to improve your ROI-

  • Usage of hashtags to get more visibility on every social media
  • Facebook demands “one” Hashtag at max.
  • Twitter asks for “two” hashtags at max.
  • Instagram accounts for more than “eleven” hashtags.

You can refer tools as “Hashtagify” to discover all the trending hashtags and get seen on a wider level.

  • Facebook never goes short of visual and aesthetic opportunities to use all of the available options to get maximum leads and increased ROI.
  • When targeting an audience on LinkedIn, always make sure that you post content on the relevant pages, i.e. marketing pages.
  • Use Google+ to share images with a greater audience.
  • Blogging gives you an immense opportunity to share genuine content. Never provide duplicate and second-rate content on your blogs, believe us readers have very sharp senses to detect duplicate content.

Hence, the next time you think of promoting your content over to social platforms, do consider these points. They will surely assist you to gain higher organic visibility.


We know the Social Networking Websites help you improve your online presence worldwide. Moreover, it is need of the hour. Your wider social media presence helps you on larger terms with your SEO. Hence, bringing in more business. We are Social Media Marketing Agency in Delhi, and if you are looking for Social Media Optimisation Services then get in touch with us.

How to Start a Career in Digital Marketing

How to Start a Career in Digital Marketing

Today, Digital marketing is an emerging industry. Youngsters these days are looking for various career options in digital marketing because it is the only field allow them to learn new things daily. The excitement of work and vast working domain including, SEO, content writing, SMO, web designing, and much more makes it the first choice for everyone to work.

Here comes a challenge “how to start a career in digital marketing?” Some people will advise you to join courses or get an MBA degree in digital marketing, 100 types of certification, blah blah bla….

So.., How to learn digital marketing? This question comes to everyone’s mind, and you must read the following context to clear the clouds of problems from your head.


It is the first and primary step to learn digital marketing online. You must be aware of the latest ups and downs of industry or services. You can get the newest information from the some best digital marketing websites like marketing land, the Moz blog, Econsultancy and you can look more on the internet. It will increase your knowledge and make you different from the other in front employers.


Website development and designing is the process of digital marketing. You must know some of the coding basics related to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP development, WordPress and other CMS as your knowledge will speak when are working for the industry. You can learn programming online from CodeAcademy or MIT Open Courseware as these websites can teach you in free.


After getting acquainted with the digital marketing and website development you can start your own blog. You can even create your own WordPress website. You can use various digital marketing strategies to show your presence in the online world. However, don’t use any shortcuts because your present hard work will create your path to enter in the industry.


After following the fundamentals to learn digital marketing and then created a place to show your an online presence. It’s time for self-realisation. You can start analysing stats of the blogs you have posted. The data is in the form of number audience reading it, commenting on it, sharing it and knowledge you have gained so far. But don’t rely on the present data if you want to improve yourself. Keep practising to be the master in all kinds of digital marketing tips.


You will find some mistakes after analysing yourself and the data. To get complete knowledge of digital marketing, you can join a course to learn digital marketing. You select from the online mode or the offline mode of learning as the per your schedule. A certification in digital marketing empowers your resume with an academic background and build positive image among the recruiters

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To start a career in digital marketing, it is essential to increase your visibility on various social media platforms especially LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the best online portal that connects recruiters to potential candidates. You can learn from experts and also showcase your knowledge that will help you to get your dream job.


Joining a network related to digital marketing is the part of socialising yourself. You can join various digital marketing forums like highrankings, SEOchat, warriorforum, and many more you can find on the internet. Such panels will help you to find a perfect mentor who can teach you all the tricks to be an expert in digital marketing and its various fields like SEO, SMO, SEM, PPC and many more.


After getting knowledge from various sources, you may start considering yourself as a digital marketing expert. But that’s not true; even the master get sometimes ditched due to continuously changing SERPs algorithms. That’s why I advice you to start from a small digital marketing agency. Because agency now a day are catering to many services and it will be good exposure for you to learn digital marketing.

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Enter the industry

After working in a small digital marketing agency, you will be aware of the ups, and downs that the industry may face. So, at last, it’s time to start a career in digital marketing with some reputed firms in the industry.

But, don’t forget to work hard and learn more.

Those days were gone when India was only recognized as a land of diverse culture and people. Today our country is becoming a land of growing startups. Due to rise in various startups the demand for digital marketer has increased tremendously. Delhi being a capital India is the hub for all small business. You can find a digital marketing agency in Delhi very easily. Such agencies can help you regarding SEO services, also work for you as a content writing agency.

Why a Digital Marketing Strategy is important for your Brand

Why a Digital Marketing Strategy is important for your Brand

With the emergence of internet and globalisation, people have access to all kinds of information anytime, anywhere via their computers, laptops and mobile devices. Digital media content includes content that can be transmitted and shared over the internet. Be it for learning, entertainment or finding solutions for different problems, digital media has invaded every sphere of our lives. The world of digital media is booming day by day and businesses can improve their revenue and position in the market tremendously by employing effective digital marketing strategy. Digital marketing refers to advertising your products and services through digital media.

Digital marketing strategy provides a way to reach your target customers and promote your products and services online. The strength of your online presence directly impacts your business success. Your business can reap the following benefits from hiring a digital marketing company offering digital marketing services in Delhi as listed below:

  • It offers better ROI than the traditional form of marketing. It works well for big businesses as well as small businesses with limited capital and resources.
  • It helps reach brands to a wide range of audience and connects with the customers in a better way.
  • It improves brand visibility and helps tap new customers.
  • More number of people are using mobile devices for all kinds of purposes. Digital marketing caters to the mobile segment market efficiently.
  • Brands can easily increase their ROI by increasing their digital outreach.
  • By making use of services like GoogleAnalytics, businesses can monitor customer’s actions, preferences and behaviour in a better way and can alter their products accordingly.
  • An effective digital marketing strategy increases conversion rates for a brand.
  • Social media provides a platform to interact with the potential customers. It encourages social media engagement and strengthens the image of the brand in the industry.
  • It increases product and brand loyalty amongst existing customer base and builds credibility over time.
  • It helps you keep track and get ahead of your competition.

The important elements of a digital marketing strategy include:

SEO – Search engine optimisation refers to optimising your website content for specific keywords and phrases. This helps increase the visibility and rankings in search engines. It is a combination of various strategies and techniques that help increase the organic traffic on the website.

Content Marketing – Content is what drives traffic to your website. People are looking for content that informs, educates, inspires, relevant and original. Content marketing agencies know that quality content is the foundation of all your SEO as well as a Social media presence.

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Social Media Marketing – Social media platforms have become an important marketing tool. Social media marketing refers to use of various social media platforms to increase traffic on brand’s website, increase brand awareness and to improve customer relationships. This leads to increased CRs and revenue for the brand.

Pay Per Click (PPC) – This is a ‘sponsored ad’ on the top or side of the SERPs. The brand pays only if the ad is clicked. This type of marketing can be targeted for a particular type of customers by displaying these ads for specific keywords. Not only these ads are attractive; they work effectively for various types of industry.

Influencer Marketing – In this type of marketing, an influential person is engaged in advertising the products and services of a brand. The influencer has a positive image and influence on people. This can be due to his expertise, knowledge or skills in his field. The celebrity is used to influence the purchase decision of the customer and improve a brand’s image.

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Email marketing – This is a direct way to reach potential customers and inform them about your products and services. An effective Email campaign is engaging, relevant, and informative. Email marketing should ensure qualities like trustworthiness of the brand and relevancy to the sender for campaigning efficiently.

How to Assess Content Promotion Performance on Social Media

How to Assess Content Promotion Performance on Social Media

The whole idea of promoting content on social media is to increase the content’s visibility, generate traffic and thereby increasing the conversion rate. With so much time and resources being spent on promoting the content on these platforms, it becomes imperative to analyse if your promotion strategy is bearing fruits.

Brands also need to analyse not only if their measures are generating positive results but also how much they can gain from their SMO promotion tactics. Tools like BUZZSUMO can be used to collect the list of pages that have ever been shared on Social Networks. Google Analytics can be used to compile the list of pages that have attracted traffic.

Analyze Traffic

Prepare an audit spread sheet for social media. Create a spreadsheet for the social media channels you want to track. Each social media channel will be analyzed individually. Google Sheets can be a useful tool for the purpose.

Investigate the followers – their growth and behaviour.

Just visit each social network and find the number of followers. For better insights, use the social media Analytics and check the follower growth. The number of followers on each media, at what rate they are growing and how they behave can be tracked, and necessary steps to make improvements can be taken.

If tracking each social media channel is difficult for you, a tool like CYFE can be used to monitor the follower growth of your top social networks together.

Spot unevenness in traffic

All the top social networks have built-in analytics to show the number of impressions you content receive. The impression is the number of people that visit your social media content.

Use these built-in analytics to find out the amount of traffic over a period. Like Google search console can collect the pages that have earned impressions in Google. Twitter Analytics for impressions on Twitter. The graph will show if there is any highs or lows on a particular day for any network. This can be looked into, and the causes can be ascertained as to what drove higher or lower traffic on a particular day.

Like for example, you find that on a particular day the traffic on your twitter account was double than the other days. And this was the day when you posted more content than usual on your account. This would mean that to generate higher traffic, posting more content might be beneficial.

Examine user engagement

Increase in traffic and followers are meaningless if it doesn’t convert into higher user engagement. The amplification rate (the number of reshares and retweets per post) and the applause rate (retweets, likes, repins etc.) can make you aware of the user engagement with your content. A good user engagement can mean that the followers like what you share and are interested in your content and vice versa.

Accordingly, steps can be taken to improve the current situation. Viewer comments can provide valuable insight for these improvements.  Social media Analytics can be used to find out the number of clicks and traffic on your content. Every click will not result in traffic. If there is a high discrepancy in the number of clicks and traffic, then this must be looked into to find the cause.


Evaluating the performance is a time-consuming process but it is essential to do so. If you have a good team for Digital Marketing then they can take care of the evaluation process or you can hire a good SEO Services Provider to assist you.