For small businesses and startup companies, it is essential to showcase your services to the public. You may now wonder various ways to promote your business. It will either by telling every person comes in front of, but that might involve a lot of time and doesn’t produce the expected results.

Internet has nowadays emerged as a boon for small businesses and entrepreneurs. With many digital marketing options, you can show your presence worldwide. It gives you faster results and takes less time. But here comes another question:

“How to select a perfect digital marketing option?”

You will find your answers here as we are going to share some digital marketing tips for small businesses.

1. Social Media Promotion

It is important to tell people about the services you are providing and how you are different from the others. Social media is the easiest way to do so. Social media promotion includes creating a facebook page for your business, a twitter account to tweet about the latest services and a Youtube channel to drive traffic to your business. The most important bit, however, is to promote those accounts in order to raise their visibility. In doing so, you might need the help of a social media marketing company such as The Marketing Heaven who will provide you with followers and likes needed for your profile. Also, some claim that instagram promotions are the best digital marketing ideas for small businesses. These ideas have zero investment and save your time to reach public and get the targeted customers and enquiries. Social media promotions also act as an excellent digital marketing tip for local business as people will get the desired services nearby their home.

2. Email Marketing

Creating an email marketing campaign will give an extra boost to your new business. Email marketing has several campaigns strategy including creating promotional emails, newsletters emails, bulk email, etc. Every email marketing campaign has a sole a purpose and hence makes it a unique way of digital marketing for small businesses. You can create an email marketing campaigns on your own by collecting email ids by various means such conducting surveys or from the social media or by hiring a digital marketing service agency for it.

3. Website development

Having your website that reflects what the purpose of your business and your products and services is is one the best digital marketing ideas . The reason is saying this because now every customer searches online for whatever service he/she wants. If the customer visited your website and got what he/she was looking for, it will directly open a new domain of business for you by the recommendation and positive feedback he or she might give after hiring your excellent service. Creating website is also an excellent marketing tip for local businesses as it increases local company where you’re originated. You can use free domain and free web hosting services to get acquainted with website development and its process.

4. Enable Customer Support Option

Do you know having a customer support option in your business will increase your brand value in the market? It is the best way to interact with the customers and also build trust as a local business startup. Having customer support for your company doesn’t require any further investment. You can select a day in a week or a month and contact all those customers taking your services or using your products. Such small but useful digital marketing ideas for local businesses make your customers feel proud using your service and create a healthy business environment to sustain.

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5. Content Marketing

Never forget this line while promoting your business “Content is the king”. Yes, content is the undisputed king of online business and promotion. You can use this digital marketing tip for your new startup. You can create a blog, whether it is on or WordPress the choice is yours. You can also use your business website. Content creation educates the customers about the service they can avail from you. How is the service beneficial? It will also make you more reliable than others as you are showing the knowledge you have about the service and products. Such DIY and straightforward digital marketing ideas for small businesses help them to grow in both online and offline realm.

6. SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a strategic process to get higher rank in the search engine ranking. However, it requires a lot of time and effort, and money to get better results from SEO. But for your small businesses, you can use free SEO tools that might help you to improve the factors to get higher rank in search engine results page or SERPs. The process of SEO is complicated and requires the best digital marketing strategy for business to implement it. But we suggest SEO as an advanced digital marketing tip for startups it will improve the traffic on your website that gives you more target customers.

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7. Local SEO

SEO works in the global ranking whereas local SEO improve your business strength in your area. Local SEO techniques include posting your address and contact details on your website, providing your company location on your website. You can also use Google my business page to share the details about your business and whenever someone nearby your location search for service Google will display that in SERPs. Local SEO is the best way of digital marketing for local business.

8. Share Customers’ Testimonials

Customers’ testimonials are the positive feedbacks shared by your customers after taking your products and services. You can post these testimonials on your website, and your social media handles as it will create a positive impact on every new customer visiting your website and social media pages. You can also request your customers to rate your services on the Google’s Local SEO address as it will be visible to the whole world and ultimately attract the target audience looking for the service. Sharing customer’s testimonial is a high-cost saving digital marketing idea for startups.

9. Video Marketing

As per a famous saying “visual work better than texts”. You can use videos as digital marketing tip for your business for your small business. Videos nowadays have an exceptional place on the internet as it can be viral in few seconds. You can make customer testimonial videos, product review videos, working of your services and much more. You may get worried that making videos will induce a heavy load on your pocket then your use DIY softboxes for better lighting and a smartphone with a high-resolution camera.

10. Regular Data Analysis

It is essential to compare the growth of the business. It will help you further to sustain in the market. While working on any of the digital marketing tips make sure that you have current data based on the sales and profit. After applying a digital marketing idea compare the previous results with the current one as it will you reanalyse the mistakes and it is one of the best and evergreen digital marketing tips for small businesses.


Today India is a growing economy, and due to the rise of new startups company soon we Indians will make a record as a country of increasing business. Delhi, being the capital of India has a diversity of various cultures. That makes Delhi the first choice to start a new business or an enterprise. A smart businessman always knows his strength and weaknesses that’s why they hire digital marketing agency in Delhi to get a helping hand for their small businesses. Digital marketing services involve an extensive process and include all the tips we have shared above. However, hiring a professional is always and you may look out for a professional content writing agency in Delhi to create SEO friendly content for your website. If you are stuck somewhere while working in the SEO of your site, then you can consult SEO services in Delhi. Due to such high availability of services and facilities, Delhi is transforming as a business hub for growing Indian economy.