3 fruitful tips to enhance your resume

3 fruitful tips to enhance your resume

Are you having a hard time reaching the hearts of the employers? Do you face difficulty in finding a job? Well, there are high chances that your resume isn’t doing what it is supposed to do.

Having a powerful resume in hand is the key to a great job profile. But if you are not able to find the right kind of job, your resume isn’t up to the mark. If you think your resume is sick and needs to revived, you can contact professional resume writers for help. Look for these signs and improve your resume:

  • Long, boring paragraphs, for example: “I worked as a marketing assistant in XYZ Company for a year and then also worked in the marketing segment on a senior post in the year 2016. I am a highly qualified professional with the skills required for this particular job and will work as hard as I can to make things work.”

     You probably must have stopped reading in the middle. Ring a bell?

  • Mention of outdated technology, for example: “I have a rich experience in tally and am well informed with windows XP and Vista.” Nobody wants to know which outdated technology you have expertise in.
  • Mentioning outdated experiences, for example: “I was a football captain in school and won prizes for the same in the year 2014.” For you it may be an achievement, but for the employer it’s wastage of space, because it has no value in the present.

If you’ve been doing that, it’s not your fault. All you need to do is improve your resume and update it with the latest information. Follow these resume tips:

    1. Be a cultural fit 

      Be a cultural fit

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      Before you apply for a job in your Dream Company, or career advancement, you need to mould your resume accordingly. So do a bit of a Google search about the company; look at its website, see what all cultural norms it follows, look for its expectations from the employees, and mention all of that in your resume.

      If you are a cultural fit for the employer, no one can stop you from getting that job!

    2. Stop acting vaguely

      Stop acting vaguely

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      If someone asks you what you want to be in life, and if you tell them that you want to successful, it is the most common answer all over the world. Nobody wants to be unsuccessful! Make your successes, achievements, and results quantifiable. Look for ways to make your resume better.

      For example:

      • Don’t say that you contributed to the company in a “huge way”. Tell the employer what your contribution to the company was. An increase in sales, an increase in turnover; mention it. Minimize the use of adjectives.
      • List all your recent achievements. Make them measurable. It is okay to add graphs to your resume.
    3. Be presentable 

      Be presentable

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      Just like you polish your shoes while going out, giving a nice touch to your resume is equally important.

      Time has gone when we used to have lengthy resumes loaded with content, paragraphs. If you are old school and you send a resume like that, it’ll go straight into trash.

      If you do not know how to present them beautifully, get in touch with some professional resume writers for that extra edge.

      After facing a wave of rejections due to your old, boring resume, its time you add wings to it. Follow these handy resume tips 2018:

      • Make it a one-page resume, with your basic details on top.
      • Write your achievements and qualifications in a reverse chronological order, so that the latest information comes first. Seek help of professional resume writers if required.
      • Use colors, statistics, charts, diagrams, to make it worth a look. It should look like that you have not made it sheepishly, but have devoted a considerable amount of time to give it the touches it needed.


Resume is the bridge between you and the employers, it is the road to your dream job; it is the path to success. Perfecting your resume at a stage when you need a job that perfectly meets your requirements in line with employer’s expectations, is highly important. So now that you are familiar with resume tips 2018, open your laptop and get going to create a winning resume. For a professional touch, contact professional resume writers in India.