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A complete guide to fix bad reviews from online
A complete guide to fix bad reviews from online
November 3, 2018
top 10 digital marketing trend to watch out for in 2018
The top 10 digital marketing trend to watch out for in 2018
November 15, 2018

Facebook Vs Instagram Vs Twitter Vs Snapchat: How to choose the better platform for business marketing

It’s 2018 and Social media has become the game changer for today’s business marketing. It’s been the greatest innovations for human communication and a certain study claims that by 2020, social media is going to have 2.95 billion users, that is, a third of entire’s earth population. Now companies don’t have to spend a large portion of their money on advertisements to reach the general public. Even though there are lots of social media platforms emerging every day to assist companies, one should know how they work and which the best for their business is. If you are looking to make the visual appearance of your company appealing, go for the best SEO Services in Delhi.

Basic points:

Monthly Active Users of:

Facebook: 1.79 billion

Instagram: 600 million

Snapchat: 150 million

Twitter: 317 million

Daily Active Users of:

Facebook: 1.18 billion

Instagram: 300 million

Snapchat: 60 million

Twitter: 100 million

How Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat is beneficial for business marketing?

  1. Instagram

    instagramImage Credit –

    While Hashtags have become the new trend among youngsters and frequent involvement with celebrities increases its demand, Instagram is also a proven way for business marketing. In 2018, the competition between Instagram vs Snapchat has ended as Instagram with its more than 600million users won the race.


    Its shop fronts: Instagram profile bio gives the opportunity to add a URL in it.

    Ads: It has introduced Ad facility through Facebook Ad manager.

    Analytics: As Instagram does not have in-built analytics, it can offer detailed analysis with the third party services like Sprout Social or Simply Measured.

    Strategies of Instagram for Business marketing

    • Collaborate with the top influencers.
    • Your caption can tell a story.
    • You can run a contest.
    • Take the support of the advertising platform.
  2. Facebook

    facebookImage Credit –

    Facebook is by far the most used social networking site which appeals to almost all the generations. You might be thinking that Facebook or Instagram which is safer? Actually, Facebook is Instagram’s parent company so they follow almost the same set of regulations. It is an effective platform for business marketing as its news feeds, algorithms, blogs and videos can easily reach the target audience. Research shows that 1-4pm is the perfect time frame to get the most likes and shares on Facebook.

    Unique- features

    • Facebook Cards
    • Real-time Facebook comments
    • Spherical Videos
    • Varieties of Pages to watch
    • You can invite on your contact on different page.
    • Apps analytics
    • Detailed Analytics

    It’s Strategies for Business marketing 

    Step 1: Recognizable profile picture

    Step 2: Launch and maintain the company account

    Step 3: Work on the ‘About us’ section

    Step 4: Maintain the profile CTAs

    Step 5: Analyze the page performance deeply

    Step 6: Do not respond quickly

    Step 7: Do not post often

    Step 8: Operate the paid version to increase the reach of the post.

  3. Twitter

    twitterImage Credit –

    It was launched in 2006 and got recognition by journalists, politicians, and celebrities. It is the perfect platform for targeting people as its influence spreads beyond its users. The best thing about Twitter is that it is free unless you hire an SMO expert.

    Unique features:

    • ‘Go Live’ Button for periscope
    • GIF
    • The uncropped picture
    • Anti-harassment features

    Strategies for Twitter:

    • Involve more people for Twitter marketing.
    • Make your Twitter bio effective.
    • Use images, videos, GIFs, etc.
    • Tweet and re-tweet.
    • Follow the latest trends and hashtags.
    • Use Twitter analytics.
  4. Snapchat

    snapchatImage Credit –

    It is the youngest platform launched in 2011 and 60% of Snapchat users are under 25. It is a great platform for the clothing brand, films, etc.

    Unique features: 

    Scores: It can be viewed when your friend is in your contact list, and posts in any story feed, or chat area.

    Snapcode: This is used to add new friends. To get the snapcode, click the ghost icon on the top of the screen.

    Snapstreak: It will show you different emojis on the Snapchat names in the chat screens.

    Snapchat strategies for business marketing:

    • Utilize the personalized content.
    • Provide access to live events.
    • Conduct contest.
    • Merge with influencers.

In conclusion:

Choosing the right platform for your Business should be your top priority. For any business owner, it is important to have their page informative. If you have a startup business and want to make your page look appealing, search for the best SEO Services Delhi or better learn about SEO tips for startups to boost your business. A business should get analyzed first on its target audience and is the reason behind your marketing to use the right platform.

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