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A complete guide for SEO writing
A complete guide for SEO writing
October 26, 2018
Some SEO myths that need to be debunked
Some SEO myths that need to be debunked
October 30, 2018

SEO tips for startups- how to boost your business

SEO tips for startup- how to boost your business

Once you become an entrepreneur, there are plenty of things to focus on. Maybe your mind is occupied with incorporating a business, hiring staff, making investments, setting the office, etc. But to have a prominent presence in all existing digital channels, you need to focus on the SEO aspect of digital marketing.

SEO Awareness & Expectation

First timers are generally confused about the importance of SEO for Startup Business; they merely design a website and patiently wait for organic traffic to magically get directed to them, which, sadly never happens. Driving traffic to a website not only requires building a website, but also optimizing it for search engines. Let’s understand the SEO Start up Guide better:

  1. Research is the key

    Research is the keyImage Credit –

    Google doesn’t care what kind of business you are serving, and what your marketing objectives are. Search engines have their own agenda and SEO is all about rankings, so it requires a lot of tactics to keep in mind:

    • Identify the search results for the ideal keywords
    • Prefer long-tail keywords, and then see who is searching for those terms
    • Assemble all the URLs and domain for the top 30 to 50 results
    • Then determine those domains which are showing most in the ranking
    • And then decide which of these companies is your competition

    In order to see your competitor’s site, note each and everything such as usage of the keywords, backlinks and then decide what you can follow and what you can outshine.

  2. Quality content: the much-needed task

    quality content-imgImage Credit –

    Google is way too smarter than you think. So after researching the keywords, you need to create relevant content which is of use to the customer. Update your blog daily and start promoting your content among the audience. Try to write the best article in your niche by keeping your keywords in mind. If you don’t have enough time and knowledge, take help from SEO Services Company in Delhi.

  3. Optimizing your website

  4. Optimizing your websiteImage Credit –

    Since SEO is a dynamic field and is changing constantly. You need to brush up your technicalities, big time.

    • Title tags: Try to keep those title tags as unique and crisp as possible.
    • Meta description: Write relevant and creative Meta description as it gives an opportunity to users to click on your site.
    • Heading: Having subheadings in your content makes the page easy to read.
    • Internal Links: Link valuable pages throughout your website but too much inter-linking may reduce the credibility of the current page.
    • ALT tags: It is the most crucial element of SEO practice. It tells the search engines about your images and helps them get indexed.
    • Sitemaps: XML is the tool which helps you to produce sitemaps. And then it is submitted on Google Webmaster Central so that search engine can index your site.
  5. The Need for off-site optimization

  6. off-site optimizationImage Credit –

    To build a strong foundation for your website, high-quality links are extremely helpful. You can do by following these steps:

    • Team up with other credible websites.
    • Write good content and ask your partners to post it.
    • Post on social media on a regular basis.
    • It is always a better option to linking your website by creating natural one, not the generic ones.

    Things to avoid

    1. Copied content: If you are really looking to serve genuineness, create original and credible content and avoid copied content. You must learn how to avoid content marketing mistakes to earn more links.
    2. Careful optimization: Placing keywords naturally with the anchor text in all your links will save you from Google’s penalty.
    3. Off-site linking: There are many low-standard articles posted on low-quality sites which is unapproved by Google. So avoid that practice.

Editor’s note

If you are doing SEO for Startups, you need to explore more opportunities to appear on top of search results. If you’re still in a dilemma about investing in SEO, then you must see your competitor’s website to make a powerful presence in today’s visual medium.

The more you research, the more you can focus on content creation and SEO tactics. If you want effective results and you don’t have a budget, look for the best and affordable SEO Services in Delhi.

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