The whole idea of promoting content on social media is to increase the content’s visibility, generate traffic and thereby increasing the conversion rate. With so much time and resources being spent on promoting the content on these platforms, it becomes imperative to analyse if your promotion strategy is bearing fruits.

Brands also need to analyse not only if their measures are generating positive results but also how much they can gain from their SMO promotion tactics. Tools like BUZZSUMO can be used to collect the list of pages that have ever been shared on Social Networks. Google Analytics can be used to compile the list of pages that have attracted traffic.

Analyze Traffic

Prepare an audit spread sheet for social media. Create a spreadsheet for the social media channels you want to track. Each social media channel will be analyzed individually. Google Sheets can be a useful tool for the purpose.

Investigate the followers – their growth and behaviour.

Just visit each social network and find the number of followers. For better insights, use the social media Analytics and check the follower growth. The number of followers on each media, at what rate they are growing and how they behave can be tracked, and necessary steps to make improvements can be taken.

If tracking each social media channel is difficult for you, a tool like CYFE can be used to monitor the follower growth of your top social networks together.

Spot unevenness in traffic

All the top social networks have built-in analytics to show the number of impressions you content receive. The impression is the number of people that visit your social media content.

Use these built-in analytics to find out the amount of traffic over a period. Like Google search console can collect the pages that have earned impressions in Google. Twitter Analytics for impressions on Twitter. The graph will show if there is any highs or lows on a particular day for any network. This can be looked into, and the causes can be ascertained as to what drove higher or lower traffic on a particular day.

Like for example, you find that on a particular day the traffic on your twitter account was double than the other days. And this was the day when you posted more content than usual on your account. This would mean that to generate higher traffic, posting more content might be beneficial.

Examine user engagement

Increase in traffic and followers are meaningless if it doesn’t convert into higher user engagement. The amplification rate (the number of reshares and retweets per post) and the applause rate (retweets, likes, repins etc.) can make you aware of the user engagement with your content. A good user engagement can mean that the followers like what you share and are interested in your content and vice versa.

Accordingly, steps can be taken to improve the current situation. Viewer comments can provide valuable insight for these improvements.  Social media Analytics can be used to find out the number of clicks and traffic on your content. Every click will not result in traffic. If there is a high discrepancy in the number of clicks and traffic, then this must be looked into to find the cause.


Evaluating the performance is a time-consuming process but it is essential to do so. If you have a good team for Digital Marketing then they can take care of the evaluation process or you can hire a good SEO Services Provider to assist you.