Return On Investment a.k.a. ROI plays an important role in deciding the growth of your ecommerce. Social Media Marketing is the fastest growing trend and holds the vital part of your patrons’ lives. Almost ⅓ of the population spends most of their time on social media.  It means that SMM inevitably widens your ecommerce reach.

Social Media Widens your ecommerce reach!

Ecommerce Expansion

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It is said that social media is a tried and tested formula to reach ample of audiences with the right strategy. SMM is a subset of the Digital Marketing. Having said that, you must be wondering about “why would a website about search engines care about social media?” Well, the fact that the two are very closely related to each other can be explained by the fact that- “Your social media posts tend to build links that in turn support into your SEO efforts”.  In addition to the same, with social media marketing, it is easy to market your services to the right audience at the right time. Moreover, stats suggest that the ecommerce stores which possess a social presence have 32% more sales on average as compared to stores which don’t.

Glance at TOP Social Media Marketing Channels

Social Media Marketing Channels

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Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc. are few of the giant social media channels. The Social Media Marketing (SMM) campaign runs around the aforementioned platforms.

In the meantime, below we list down some effective social media marketing techniques to improve your ROI-

  • Usage of hashtags to get more visibility on every social media
  • Facebook demands “one” Hashtag at max.
  • Twitter asks for “two” hashtags at max.
  • Instagram accounts for more than “eleven” hashtags.

You can refer tools as “Hashtagify” to discover all the trending hashtags and get seen on a wider level.

  • Facebook never goes short of visual and aesthetic opportunities to use all of the available options to get maximum leads and increased ROI.
  • When targeting an audience on LinkedIn, always make sure that you post content on the relevant pages, i.e. marketing pages.
  • Use Google+ to share images with a greater audience.
  • Blogging gives you an immense opportunity to share genuine content. Never provide duplicate and second-rate content on your blogs, believe us readers have very sharp senses to detect duplicate content.

Hence, the next time you think of promoting your content over to social platforms, do consider these points. They will surely assist you to gain higher organic visibility.


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