Today, Digital marketing is an emerging industry. Youngsters these days are looking for various career options in digital marketing because it is the only field allow them to learn new things daily. The excitement of work and vast working domain including, SEO, content writing, SMO, web designing, and much more makes it the first choice for everyone to work.

Here comes a challenge “how to start a career in digital marketing?” Some people will advise you to join courses or get an MBA degree in digital marketing, 100 types of certification, blah blah bla….

So.., How to learn digital marketing? This question comes to everyone’s mind, and you must read the following context to clear the clouds of problems from your head.


It is the first and primary step to learn digital marketing online. You must be aware of the latest ups and downs of industry or services. You can get the newest information from the some best digital marketing websites like marketing land, the Moz blog, Econsultancy and you can look more on the internet. It will increase your knowledge and make you different from the other in front employers.


Website development and designing is the process of digital marketing. You must know some of the coding basics related to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP development, WordPress and other CMS as your knowledge will speak when are working for the industry. You can learn programming online from CodeAcademy or MIT Open Courseware as these websites can teach you in free.


After getting acquainted with the digital marketing and website development you can start your own blog. You can even create your own WordPress website. You can use various digital marketing strategies to show your presence in the online world. However, don’t use any shortcuts because your present hard work will create your path to enter in the industry.


After following the fundamentals to learn digital marketing and then created a place to show your an online presence. It’s time for self-realisation. You can start analysing stats of the blogs you have posted. The data is in the form of number audience reading it, commenting on it, sharing it and knowledge you have gained so far. But don’t rely on the present data if you want to improve yourself. Keep practising to be the master in all kinds of digital marketing tips.


You will find some mistakes after analysing yourself and the data. To get complete knowledge of digital marketing, you can join a course to learn digital marketing. You select from the online mode or the offline mode of learning as the per your schedule. A certification in digital marketing empowers your resume with an academic background and build positive image among the recruiters

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To start a career in digital marketing, it is essential to increase your visibility on various social media platforms especially LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the best online portal that connects recruiters to potential candidates. You can learn from experts and also showcase your knowledge that will help you to get your dream job.


Joining a network related to digital marketing is the part of socialising yourself. You can join various digital marketing forums like highrankings, SEOchat, warriorforum, and many more you can find on the internet. Such panels will help you to find a perfect mentor who can teach you all the tricks to be an expert in digital marketing and its various fields like SEO, SMO, SEM, PPC and many more.


After getting knowledge from various sources, you may start considering yourself as a digital marketing expert. But that’s not true; even the master get sometimes ditched due to continuously changing SERPs algorithms. That’s why I advice you to start from a small digital marketing agency. Because agency now a day are catering to many services and it will be good exposure for you to learn digital marketing.

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Enter the industry

After working in a small digital marketing agency, you will be aware of the ups, and downs that the industry may face. So, at last, it’s time to start a career in digital marketing with some reputed firms in the industry.

But, don’t forget to work hard and learn more.

Those days were gone when India was only recognized as a land of diverse culture and people. Today our country is becoming a land of growing startups. Due to rise in various startups the demand for digital marketer has increased tremendously. Delhi being a capital India is the hub for all small business. You can find a digital marketing agency in Delhi very easily. Such agencies can help you regarding SEO services, also work for you as a content writing agency.