Obtaining education in a foreign university is every student’s dream. If you’re of them, then you already know how difficult a job it is to be in one. And that’s when you would want a Statement of Purpose to convince the university faculty why you want to be a part of it.

SOP writing in India has become a powerful instrument with rising applications for education in abroad.

SOP is a statement about you, about your dreams, your ambitions, your previous achievements and your future goals. This personal statement about you gives the universities an insight about who you are and what you do.

Professional SOP writing is not difficult, but not easy either. It takes a lot of patience, attention and determination to write a winning SOP, that guarantees you a place in your dream University.

There are a lot of SOP writing services in Delhi that offer SOP writing solutions, which you can make use of to write your SOP. But in case you’re planning not to, watch out for these amazing tips to write a powerful SOP:

    1. Describe yourself

Discribe yourselfImage Credit – themuse.com

When you begin writing your SOP, keep in mind that the readers want to know who you are. So start with giving a good introduction about yourself. Write about your interests, what motivated you to apply for the particular university or course, what are your future goals and so on. After reading your introduction, the faculty should know about you as a person.

    1. Statement v/s story

Statement vs story

Writing a statement and a story in an SOP are two different approaches, out of which, statement is bland. When you write an SOP, write it as a story, not a statement.

If you write a statement of some NGO that you’ve worked for, it’ll have almost no effect on the person reading it. Whereas a story will make the reader imagine your experience in a nutshell.

    1. Summarize


Tell them about your interests and motivations, what you want to pursue, why you want to pursue it, any specific professor that you admire, what motivated you to apply for the course etc. Don’t exaggerate and keep it simple, yet engaging.

    1. Tell them what you have

Tell them what you have

In your SOP, highlight your key skills, prior experiences in different fields of interest, and show them that you know both technical and non-technical skills. Tell them what differentiates you from others. Show them that you’re unique. Be honest and don’t give misleading information.

Follow these SOP writing tips to make your SOP ‘AVERAGE’ TO ‘OH-SO-PERFECT’:

  • Be yourself. Do not exaggerate and do not overstate your achievements. Providing false information will push you off the moon door.
  • Highlight your strengths and portray your weaknesses in a positive light.
  • Send your SOP to professors, friends and family and ask them to grade it.
  • Edit and re-edit your SOP until you feel it looks perfect.
  • Don’t make your SOP a thesis. It should be a two-page profile at the maximum. You can also hire professional SOP writers if you want to have a powerful SOP in hand.
  • Look out for some SOP samples for more insight.

Wrap up

After working hard to clear your exam and finally getting a university to apply for, it’s like a dream come true. But that can only happen if your SOP has won the hearts of them all. So if you are a beginner, follow these tips and look for the Professional SOP writers in Delhi to help you out with the same.