We are living in an era where everybody is a phone addict. This trend is not changing in coming days and so, to suit this environment a responsive website design is a must. In today’s time, it has become a crucial component of any SEO plan.

From the last few months, it has been noticed that the web world has taken up massive changes. The Internet has moved forward at high speed. Amongst many inevitable changes, one that has majorly affected our day to day life is mobile browsing.

According to a recently published article, people who stick to use only one type of device are mostly smartphone users. Such observations have significantly influenced the web designers jämföra pågående erbjudanden i Sverige as well as marketers. In spite of such external influences, many are yet to meet the demand of time.

Responsive web design is a basic and a critical need. It has been seen that the number is as high as 60 % of those who are still to respond to responsive web designing. It is a great cause of concern for those whose businesses are directly influenced by online marketing. In a time where users are accessing the internet through their mobile phones, Google is responding accordingly.

Thus, it is quite clear that Google is sure to favor those sites which meet the standards of the Google. In a more simplified way, we can say that mobile and tablet-optimized sites would be favorable for search engines. Such sites are typically the ones that have chosen a mobile responsive design. Here is the list of reasons why it is beneficial to upgrade to a mobile responsive design which will boost SEO for your website.

Better Page Load Time and better speed

Website Page Load Time

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Loading a page can sometimes turn out to be a real problem for the user. It can affect the ranking of your website too. Every site should be optimised in such a way that it doesn’t take much time in loading the pages. The slow loading of the pages affects the rank in the search engine because it tests the patience of the visitors. It has been seen over the years that Google more favours those websites which respond faster in the search results. And, this is just one of the reasons why it is essential to stick to responsive design. A mobile responsive site is apparent to take lesser time compared to the unresponsive ones which in turn, results in better user experience which is directly proportional to your ranking.

Lesser duplicate content

Duplicate Content

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Those a few who have chosen to go for a separate website for mobile users are facing severe issues of duplicate content. It is because using a separate website requires a separate URL too. In such a situation, the duplicate content harms the ranking of your website. If it remains unclear for Google which content is more important for your website then, google automatically decides that for you. It results in a very low ranking of your website, and it is because most of the mobile sites do not rank well in the search engines. Any website that is responsive to mobiles is sure to deal with such problems of duplicate content. So, experts suggest you to write a single URL that is supportive of desktops as well as mobiles or tablets. One can hire companies providing Content Writing Services in Delhi to check for the duplicate content issue as they are expert in content development.

Improved usability of the site

Usability of the site

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Users will never stick to your content if they are unable to navigate freely to your website. Keeping this in mind, a website developer in Delhi and other tech cities are working accordingly. They are making sure that they stick to responsive web design so that it becomes easier for your website to engage more traffic. It is because responsive web design is more user-friendly, it helps the visitors to navigate through your website in a hassle-free manner. Resulting in a much-improved experience for the user to spend quality time on the site. Good usability leads to regular visitors. Mobile responsive web design is a crucial tool to get rewarded by Google. Every good digital marketing agency in Delhi are keeping their eyes open to conversion and customer experience. Brand case study, good reviews and user traffic make a significant impact on the ranking if your website delivers a great customer experience. These factors can only be possible if your site has a useful design element. Customers are gods whose experience directly affects the business, and mobile responsive design is what lays beneath such experiences. So, we can clearly state that a responsive design not just enhances the user experience but at the same time rewards your site with a good rank.

High Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate

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An increased bounce rate means that your website is unable to keep the visitors engaged. It generally happens either because of the content being a little bit boring or off-putting homepage. A good digital marketing agency in Delhi or across India will be the one that will pay keen attention to user behaviour and make sure that visitors spend more time on the site. Bounce rate is nothing but the time that users spend on the sites. How quickly do the visitors leave the site is checked by the google. If any visitor doesn’t find any interesting stuff on your site, then he/she is sure to leave the site within no time. In such conditions, Google will interpret short dwell time, and consequences will be faced regarding rank that is sure to go down. If you think that it’s only the content that interests the traffic, then let me specify that it is also the design that matters. Your content might be flawless, but if the design is not responsive, then users will inevitably leave the site soon. The mobile responsive design gives you an upper hand in putting up relevant content and along with display it in such a way that it is mobile user-friendly too. It, in turn, helps you maintain a positive environment for the users who visit to browse your website.

Increase in Social Shares

Social Sharing

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Responsive web design is made so that social sharing is made easy. Most of the mobile users have a huge contribution to growing your audience. Although, this barely helps in boosting your rank, yeah it adds to your popularity. More audience means more traffic, which in turn can assist you in getting more traffic. It will further contribute to your brand presence which will compel Google to take notice.


Therefore, it is very critical to design a Responsive website for your business as it would ease the process of SEO which in turn will increase the sales and revenue of your business.