SEO has offered people with a steady means of doing business. It is by far the most talked about, searched and widely read topic by web entrepreneurs. However, for all the sophistication that SEO holds, the world of search engines is full of complexity and floated with lots of myths and misconceptions.

The Common SEO Myths are based on misinterpretation of SEO’s work. The matter of fact is that many marketers fall prey to search engines due to a constant change in theories as outdated strategies can actually harm their ability to appear in Google rankings. And if you want to know the correct SEO tactics, you can hire agencies offering the best SEO Services in Delhi.

Take a look at some SEO myths which need to be debunked:

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Myth 1: Link building for SEO is not helpful.

Truth: Google may say that links are not useful today but it still holds a prominent place in the world of online marketing. Through this, Google decides which site to show on the first page. However, getting good backlinks is time-consuming and a lengthy process. Without it, your competitor could win the race of ranking. Now the question is to decide as to which links are good for you. If they bring real traffic to your site, then the links are of high-quality.

Myths 2: Google has a contradiction regarding SERP click or its impact on website rankings which makes the online marketing strategy think that click data is a confusing concept.

Truth: As the whole scenario of ranking is temporary, click-through rates are effective but not valid in the long run in the strategy. Thus, optimizing Google snippets for clicks are must for your strategy. So, you must debunk these Biggest SEO Myths.

Myths 3: Some marketers believe that keywords are one of the most crucial elements in SEO. In 2013, Google had introduced the Hummingbird update which replaced the value of keyword with concept and topics.

Truth: Well, Hummingbird helps to understand the actual context or phrase that has been searched on the internet which does not make keywords any less effective. Keyword research and using long tail keywords are still the most important strategy of SEO.

Myth 4: social signals like pins, tweets, and likes have nothing to do with SEO strategy. According to Google’s Matt, search algorithm does not include any social signals and this statement however is different from the fact social media is extensively used in the ranking algorithm.

Truth: Google never denies the fact that social signals do have an impact on the search algorithm. The task of SEO keeps changing and the fact may be true at a particular time. Thus, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ do make an impact on rankings and are a part of any SEO strategy. So follow some effective SEO tactics to run your business and make a mark in the industry.


These are some SEO Myths You Should Leave Behind in order to achieve success in online marketing. Technologies are not to be understood easily and so is the task of SEO. The face of digital information keeps changing which creates a lot of misunderstanding. But if you want to move forward, stop paying attention to those misconceptions. For professional SEO help, you can look for the best SEO Company in Delhi.