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How seo grows your business and leads?
How seo grows your business and leads?
October 22, 2018
A complete guide for SEO writing
A complete guide for SEO writing
October 26, 2018

5 ways by which you can tell the value of SEO to your boss

5 ways by which you can tell the value of SEO to your boss

Improving organic search rates through SEO is not an easy task. It is even harder when your boss does not understand the meaning of SEO and why it is important. Your boss always sees the bigger picture and hence misses the little elements which are important to form that big picture. If you have ever worked with SEO even once, you must have encountered some of the terminologies such as 404s, redirects, backlinks, spiders, canonicals, and indexing. These unusual terminologies are confusing enough to make your boss question the caliber of Search Engine Optimization in the end. So, it is high time to tell your boss about the SEO Value and all about SEO tasks.

Here are the 5 ways through which you can communicate to your boss and tell them the reasons behind your tactics or choices:

  1. Clear their concept about SEO

    concept about SEO

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    The first and foremost thing your boss should really know is: what is Search Engine Optimization. It is basically doing anything and everything to reach your target audience by appearing in top Google searches. And in order to do so, there are many plans and strategies involved. While educating about SEO, start from the basic and then define all the jargon terms.

  2. Brief about a certain strategy or action


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    The key element of any business strategy is implementing the correct SEO tactics. Instead of making your bosses understand about your actions, teach them about Google Analytics SEO Dashboard which gives a wider picture of SEO and also informs them how Google operates. To show up in top search results, brief your boss about SEO strategies that will grow your business and leads.

  3. Land up with the correct explanation for your target audience

    explanation for your target audience

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    In order to inform about your actions to your boss, you must target all of those people who always come to you with a puzzled expression. Be it the personnel, marketing team, executive personnel; brief all of them about your SEO plan. Discuss with them how Business Value of SEO holds a prominent place in any company to boost rankings.

  4. Prepare your documents

    Prepare your documents

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    If one does not have any idea about SEO, you will get a blank reaction in return for sure. In that case, you need your documents and accurate data to support your strategy. Stick with metrics which will work in your favor for sure!

  5. Present yourself with credible SEO strategies

    credible SEO strategies

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    In order to make your SEO task authentic, you need to come up with your own credible strategies. It can be done by doing some basic things like writing articles on behalf of your company. For SEO, you must keep all the reports and data with yourself. To accomplish this, you can do the following:

    • Record the conversions from search traffic and then, link those numbers to the revenues.
    • Keep a track of your competitors and see what strategies they are adopting.


There are plenty of jargons when the topic of SEO comes in front of us. Though SEO has been gaining a lot of attention quite recently, not many people know about its uses and benefits. The best way to deal with your CEO is to give an outstanding performance by incorporating the best SEO strategies into your website. However everybody is not aware of the nature of search engines, so always keep a back up of your data to avoid any misunderstanding. And if one really wants to grow his/her business, SEO Services in Delhi is the best solution for them as SEO is the most important factor in page rankings. You can also look for the best SEO Company in Delhi NCR for more insight.

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