5 Essential Digital Marketing Tips for Startup

5 Essential Digital Marketing Tips for Startup

Digital Marketing is the latest and superlative marketing tool for optimizing business potentials. This technology attracts target audience with ease and thus enhances business to a great extent. Setting a new business or running a start up is not at all an easy task as you have to contact new investors and to deal with several things. At that time, marketing plays a crucial role in establishing your name and to reach your target audience. Having a proper digital marketing plan is mandatory to stand out from the crowd and that’s why we are here with 5 essential digital marketing tips for startups. These tips will surely help you to achieve your desired success level.

  1. Target the correct audience

    Target Audience
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    First of all, it is quite important to make the digital marketing strategy in which you are targeting the correct audience which can increase your traffic and thus increase your profit as well. Audience is what matters a lot and thus for making your digital marketing campaign a success, it is mandatory to target the right audience. Your audience must be able to engage with your brand name, your product and your values as well. It is important build a long lasting relationship with your audience as they will help you grow.

  2. Create your brand

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    Next important digital marketing tip for startups is that you should create your brand. Make your objectives clear and work accordingly. Having a clear personality and voice will also help prospects and customers to develop a deep connection with your company and brand and thus set you apart from the crowd. Choose Digital Marketing agency in Delhi which helps you in establishing as a brand so that you can easily connect with your target audience.

  3. Creative Content

    Creative Content
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    Content plays a crucial role in digital marketing process and thus it is important to display creative content which can attract the audience and thereby enhance your traffic which in turn improves the search engine ranking. Creating content that is fresh and unique is one of the considerable digital marketing tips.  According to digital marketing analysis, almost 80% of your content should be about your product and rest 20% is about your online sale and promotion. Remember this 80/20 rule so as to achieve success in digital marketing campaign. It should be noted that content without keyword is nothing and thus you should invest in SEO services in Delhi. SEO services providers will fetch you the relevant keywords which you can add to your content and make it effective and worthy

  4. Make the use of social media platform

    Social Media Platforms
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    Make the active use of social media platform as it is the best place to introduce yourself. Everyone is using social media platform and thus your brand can easily makes it way to reach to the potential customers. So it is advised to use social media platform for marketing as much as you can. Social media is the key to leverage your brand awareness and value and thus use it effectively so as to get the best possible results.

  5. Search Engine Optimization

    Seo Banner
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    How could one forget this point while describing digital marketing tips for small business? SEO is necessary to keep your website on the top of the search rankings and for this you need to invest in top notch SEO services so as to increase the organic visibility for the trending keywords.


Digital marketing has become inevitable marketing tool which if planned carefully then it could increase the sales and revenue of the businesses exponentially. Startups face challenge initially as they have to create a brand identity in the market and generate a great deal of trust amongst the people. Digital marketing is one crucial tool which can help them in doing so. Hence, if you are planning for a startup and need any help related to online marketing, you can consult us. We are one of the leading Digital marketing Agency in Delhi.

Understanding the Power of Technical SEO Audit

Understanding the Power of Technical SEO Audit

If you are eager to know the ways of boosting your business to another level, then this post might help in you doing so. If you are going to create digital marketing strategies that involve then you must know how SEO audit will add more ideas in the way you plan out the ways to promote your website.

Therefore, in this post, we will look at technical SEO audit in a much broader extent.

So, tie your seatbelts as this flight will take you the SEO sky that you have never imagined.

Defining Technical SEO Audits

Technical SEO audits in generalise terms defined as the regular monitoring of your website’s performance on various search engines. The reasons why you should do regular SEO audits are following:

  • To keep track of search engines algorithm

There is nothing wrong to say that the search engines such as Google or Bings are becoming smarter every day. Hence a regular SEO audit will allow you to monitor the changes in the algorithm.

  • To keep your content updated

Technical SEO audit is very helpful to know about the last time when you have updated your content. The updated website is the key to get all the benefits of digital marketing.

It is advised to perform such audits quarterly in a year so that your website gets fully updated with all vital elements to improve your digital marketing metrics.

SEO Audit

Image Credit – Neil Patel

Components of SEO audits

You must focus on the below-mentioned factors while performing technical SEO audit on your site:

  • Your web hosting and indexing
  • Your website content, keyword placement and metadata
  • Linking and referencing

Another essential component on which you must concentrate on is the mobile-friendliness of your website. As the smartphones now generate 60% of the searches on the Google, search engine crawlers first look for the mobile-friendly index, and if they found the mobile version of your website, then your rank get optimised in the SERPs. Today many digital marketing services in Delhi, India offers the clients to develop the mobile-friendly sites as our country’s population is more mobile-savvy than the other nations.

After getting acquitted by the fundamentals of technical SEO audits its time to know how to do these audits.

Start the audit with a crawl

It is the first yet most crucial step of audits. You can select one of the most advanced crawling tools such as Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool, DeepCrawl, Ahrefs, and SEMrush. After setting up the crawl, you can manually search your site for the links which get crawled and check your estimated SEO score.

Avoid Mirror Links of your Website

It is not a good practice to create multiple links that redirect to the same website. Doing this means are ruining all your content marketing strategy as the crawler get confused between to rank higher or lower in the SERPs.

Perform On-page SEO correction

During the evaluation of crawling results, you must correct every drawback that you observe on your website such as pages with copied headers or titles, Meta descriptions, keyword placements and monitor disorganised content, and deleted pages.

Links Management

As I mentioned above keeping a check on your disorganised content and deleted will help web crawlers to improve your site ranking because the content you post or remove will create a directional and broken link. Tools like integrity and Xenu Sleuth are most commonly used by SEO services in Delhi to perform technical SEO audit of their clients’ website.

Monitor Site Timings

Here the term site timings comprise of load time, response time, and think time. However, the context of all these timings is different. Still, you need to track how much time your website is taking to handle the user request, and in how much time the web pages are displaying. All these things matter for the Google and also for your digital marketing campaign success. You can use GT-matrix or Google PageSpeed Insights to monitor your sites speed in both desktop and mobile.

Use Analytical Data

Here you need to evaluate that whether your analytics tools such as Google Analytics is giving the real-time data or not. You need to check the code implementation on your side and that you can do with the tracker code provided by Google Analytics. Monitor the bounce rate of your site, and domain authority of your website. The MozBar powered by Moz can give you an extra hand during your technical SEO audit.

Do Backlinks Audit

Backlinks are very helpful to give an extra boost to your off-site SEO and to make a small business website that works. Tools like Ahref are beneficial to perform regular backlinks audits of your site. If you are looking for competitive keywords, then SEMrush might help you with your work as this tool will give you insights about the keywords and backlinks that your competitors are using for better ranking in SERPs. Social media promotion is also an essential component of off-site and to get relevant backlinks so don’t forget to keep tracking it.


Technical SEO audits are significant for every business website. It will give the marketers profound insights about how the sites are working in the searching engines. The steps or tips mentioned above will hardly take one hour to perform a complete audit of your website. You can also hire a reliable digital marketing agency for any help or guidance.

How does responsive web design boost your SEO

How does responsive web design boost your SEO

We are living in an era where everybody is a phone addict. This trend is not changing in coming days and so, to suit this environment a responsive website design is a must. In today’s time, it has become a crucial component of any SEO plan.

From the last few months, it has been noticed that the web world has taken up massive changes. The Internet has moved forward at high speed. Amongst many inevitable changes, one that has majorly affected our day to day life is mobile browsing.

According to a recently published article, people who stick to use only one type of device are mostly smartphone users. Such observations have significantly influenced the web designers jämföra pågående erbjudanden i Sverige as well as marketers. In spite of such external influences, many are yet to meet the demand of time.

Responsive web design is a basic and a critical need. It has been seen that the number is as high as 60 % of those who are still to respond to responsive web designing. It is a great cause of concern for those whose businesses are directly influenced by online marketing. In a time where users are accessing the internet through their mobile phones, Google is responding accordingly.

Thus, it is quite clear that Google is sure to favor those sites which meet the standards of the Google. In a more simplified way, we can say that mobile and tablet-optimized sites would be favorable for search engines. Such sites are typically the ones that have chosen a mobile responsive design. Here is the list of reasons why it is beneficial to upgrade to a mobile responsive design which will boost SEO for your website.

Better Page Load Time and better speed

Website Page Load Time

Image Credit – semrush.com

Loading a page can sometimes turn out to be a real problem for the user. It can affect the ranking of your website too. Every site should be optimised in such a way that it doesn’t take much time in loading the pages. The slow loading of the pages affects the rank in the search engine because it tests the patience of the visitors. It has been seen over the years that Google more favours those websites which respond faster in the search results. And, this is just one of the reasons why it is essential to stick to responsive design. A mobile responsive site is apparent to take lesser time compared to the unresponsive ones which in turn, results in better user experience which is directly proportional to your ranking.

Lesser duplicate content

Duplicate Content

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Those a few who have chosen to go for a separate website for mobile users are facing severe issues of duplicate content. It is because using a separate website requires a separate URL too. In such a situation, the duplicate content harms the ranking of your website. If it remains unclear for Google which content is more important for your website then, google automatically decides that for you. It results in a very low ranking of your website, and it is because most of the mobile sites do not rank well in the search engines. Any website that is responsive to mobiles is sure to deal with such problems of duplicate content. So, experts suggest you to write a single URL that is supportive of desktops as well as mobiles or tablets. One can hire companies providing Content Writing Services in Delhi to check for the duplicate content issue as they are expert in content development.

Improved usability of the site

Usability of the site

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Users will never stick to your content if they are unable to navigate freely to your website. Keeping this in mind, a website developer in Delhi and other tech cities are working accordingly. They are making sure that they stick to responsive web design so that it becomes easier for your website to engage more traffic. It is because responsive web design is more user-friendly, it helps the visitors to navigate through your website in a hassle-free manner. Resulting in a much-improved experience for the user to spend quality time on the site. Good usability leads to regular visitors. Mobile responsive web design is a crucial tool to get rewarded by Google. Every good digital marketing agency in Delhi are keeping their eyes open to conversion and customer experience. Brand case study, good reviews and user traffic make a significant impact on the ranking if your website delivers a great customer experience. These factors can only be possible if your site has a useful design element. Customers are gods whose experience directly affects the business, and mobile responsive design is what lays beneath such experiences. So, we can clearly state that a responsive design not just enhances the user experience but at the same time rewards your site with a good rank.

High Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate

Image Credit – optinmonster.com

An increased bounce rate means that your website is unable to keep the visitors engaged. It generally happens either because of the content being a little bit boring or off-putting homepage. A good digital marketing agency in Delhi or across India will be the one that will pay keen attention to user behaviour and make sure that visitors spend more time on the site. Bounce rate is nothing but the time that users spend on the sites. How quickly do the visitors leave the site is checked by the google. If any visitor doesn’t find any interesting stuff on your site, then he/she is sure to leave the site within no time. In such conditions, Google will interpret short dwell time, and consequences will be faced regarding rank that is sure to go down. If you think that it’s only the content that interests the traffic, then let me specify that it is also the design that matters. Your content might be flawless, but if the design is not responsive, then users will inevitably leave the site soon. The mobile responsive design gives you an upper hand in putting up relevant content and along with display it in such a way that it is mobile user-friendly too. It, in turn, helps you maintain a positive environment for the users who visit to browse your website.

Increase in Social Shares

Social Sharing

Image Credit – urljet.com

Responsive web design is made so that social sharing is made easy. Most of the mobile users have a huge contribution to growing your audience. Although, this barely helps in boosting your rank, yeah it adds to your popularity. More audience means more traffic, which in turn can assist you in getting more traffic. It will further contribute to your brand presence which will compel Google to take notice.


Therefore, it is very critical to design a Responsive website for your business as it would ease the process of SEO which in turn will increase the sales and revenue of your business.

How to Start a Career in Digital Marketing

How to Start a Career in Digital Marketing

Today, Digital marketing is an emerging industry. Youngsters these days are looking for various career options in digital marketing because it is the only field allow them to learn new things daily. The excitement of work and vast working domain including, SEO, content writing, SMO, web designing, and much more makes it the first choice for everyone to work.

Here comes a challenge “how to start a career in digital marketing?” Some people will advise you to join courses or get an MBA degree in digital marketing, 100 types of certification, blah blah bla….

So.., How to learn digital marketing? This question comes to everyone’s mind, and you must read the following context to clear the clouds of problems from your head.


It is the first and primary step to learn digital marketing online. You must be aware of the latest ups and downs of industry or services. You can get the newest information from the some best digital marketing websites like marketing land, the Moz blog, Econsultancy and you can look more on the internet. It will increase your knowledge and make you different from the other in front employers.


Website development and designing is the process of digital marketing. You must know some of the coding basics related to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP development, WordPress and other CMS as your knowledge will speak when are working for the industry. You can learn programming online from CodeAcademy or MIT Open Courseware as these websites can teach you in free.


After getting acquainted with the digital marketing and website development you can start your own blog. You can even create your own WordPress website. You can use various digital marketing strategies to show your presence in the online world. However, don’t use any shortcuts because your present hard work will create your path to enter in the industry.


After following the fundamentals to learn digital marketing and then created a place to show your an online presence. It’s time for self-realisation. You can start analysing stats of the blogs you have posted. The data is in the form of number audience reading it, commenting on it, sharing it and knowledge you have gained so far. But don’t rely on the present data if you want to improve yourself. Keep practising to be the master in all kinds of digital marketing tips.


You will find some mistakes after analysing yourself and the data. To get complete knowledge of digital marketing, you can join a course to learn digital marketing. You select from the online mode or the offline mode of learning as the per your schedule. A certification in digital marketing empowers your resume with an academic background and build positive image among the recruiters

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To start a career in digital marketing, it is essential to increase your visibility on various social media platforms especially LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the best online portal that connects recruiters to potential candidates. You can learn from experts and also showcase your knowledge that will help you to get your dream job.


Joining a network related to digital marketing is the part of socialising yourself. You can join various digital marketing forums like highrankings, SEOchat, warriorforum, and many more you can find on the internet. Such panels will help you to find a perfect mentor who can teach you all the tricks to be an expert in digital marketing and its various fields like SEO, SMO, SEM, PPC and many more.


After getting knowledge from various sources, you may start considering yourself as a digital marketing expert. But that’s not true; even the master get sometimes ditched due to continuously changing SERPs algorithms. That’s why I advice you to start from a small digital marketing agency. Because agency now a day are catering to many services and it will be good exposure for you to learn digital marketing.

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Enter the industry

After working in a small digital marketing agency, you will be aware of the ups, and downs that the industry may face. So, at last, it’s time to start a career in digital marketing with some reputed firms in the industry.

But, don’t forget to work hard and learn more.

Those days were gone when India was only recognized as a land of diverse culture and people. Today our country is becoming a land of growing startups. Due to rise in various startups the demand for digital marketer has increased tremendously. Delhi being a capital India is the hub for all small business. You can find a digital marketing agency in Delhi very easily. Such agencies can help you regarding SEO services, also work for you as a content writing agency.

How to become a better Digital Marketer

How to become a better Digital Marketer

With internet driving the world, the digital marketing industry is booming, and the intense competition demands that a brand adapts to the latest technological changes and stays ahead in the market. Digital media has become a part of our everyday lives, and a digital marketing strategy becomes an important tool that defines the success of a business.

Digital marketing is all about advertising and promoting the products and services on the internet. A digital marketing company in Delhi is required to build and implement an effective digital marketing strategy that establishes the brand the market and achieves its objectives

A digital marketer offering digital marketing services in Delhi offers following benefits for the company:

  • Connects the brand with a wide range of audience.
  • Improves visibility of the brand.
  • Taps the mobile device segment productively.
  • Increases traffic and improves conversion rates.
  • Increases credibility of the brand in the market.
  • Establishes the brand as an industry leader.
  • Improves brand loyalty among customers.
  • Improves brand-customer relationship.
  • Increases ROI for the brand.
  • Keeps the brand ahead in the market.

Digital marketing is a constantly changing field. The changes and introduction of new techniques, methods, preferences and continuous innovations in the market require that a digital marketer keeps himself conversant with these changes. Listed below are few ways to help you get better at digital marketing:

Use online resources – These can be free tutorials or various paid technical courses. Many of the online resources are free and can help you learn new skills, adapt to new techniques and broaden your marketing horizons. Make use of these courses to help you gain a competitive advantage over your peers. Also, they also look good on your resume. Training programs and content is available for graphics designing, web development, SEO, coding, principles of mobile websites, designing and digital sales, project management etc.

Make use of the online Digital marketing resources – Make reading a habit and read credible industry publications like Moz articles or similar publication articles to keep up to date with the latest in the industry. Also, keep an eye on Google updates and changes happening on various digital marketing platforms. Follow the leaders in the industry and know what is happening in SEO and PPC areas. Listen to the industry experts and build on their ideas.

Participate in Events/conferences – Make an effort of speak in various events and seminars of the industry. Participating in industry events is the best way to gain confidence and get conversant with interesting conversations. It also helps gain exposure, learns and build strong networks with the other marketers in the industry. It can be one of the crucial steps in learning to gain knowledge, learning from your mistakes and presenting you as an authority figure in the market.

Create Content – You might have a content writing agency to take care of your content writing work. Additionally, you can create some content on your own. This will bring more clarity to the concepts you talk and hear about. Also, it will require you to do some research in the area which will expose you to different and new ideas as well. You can hire an SEO service provider to optimise your content and increase its visibility. Your own content can be in the form of blogs, articles, social media video, podcasts or webinar hosting etc.

Experiment and gain experience – Experimentation is one of the best ways to learn and grow. Take out time to experiment and use the experience gained and knowledge to learn. Experience takes time and committing mistakes is not bad if one learns from them. A digital marketer should be dynamic, open-minded, always curious, ready to learn, flexible and a tough individual.

Why a Digital Marketing Strategy is important for your Brand

Why a Digital Marketing Strategy is important for your Brand

With the emergence of internet and globalisation, people have access to all kinds of information anytime, anywhere via their computers, laptops and mobile devices. Digital media content includes content that can be transmitted and shared over the internet. Be it for learning, entertainment or finding solutions for different problems, digital media has invaded every sphere of our lives. The world of digital media is booming day by day and businesses can improve their revenue and position in the market tremendously by employing effective digital marketing strategy. Digital marketing refers to advertising your products and services through digital media.

Digital marketing strategy provides a way to reach your target customers and promote your products and services online. The strength of your online presence directly impacts your business success. Your business can reap the following benefits from hiring a digital marketing company offering digital marketing services in Delhi as listed below:

  • It offers better ROI than the traditional form of marketing. It works well for big businesses as well as small businesses with limited capital and resources.
  • It helps reach brands to a wide range of audience and connects with the customers in a better way.
  • It improves brand visibility and helps tap new customers.
  • More number of people are using mobile devices for all kinds of purposes. Digital marketing caters to the mobile segment market efficiently.
  • Brands can easily increase their ROI by increasing their digital outreach.
  • By making use of services like GoogleAnalytics, businesses can monitor customer’s actions, preferences and behaviour in a better way and can alter their products accordingly.
  • An effective digital marketing strategy increases conversion rates for a brand.
  • Social media provides a platform to interact with the potential customers. It encourages social media engagement and strengthens the image of the brand in the industry.
  • It increases product and brand loyalty amongst existing customer base and builds credibility over time.
  • It helps you keep track and get ahead of your competition.

The important elements of a digital marketing strategy include:

SEO – Search engine optimisation refers to optimising your website content for specific keywords and phrases. This helps increase the visibility and rankings in search engines. It is a combination of various strategies and techniques that help increase the organic traffic on the website.

Content Marketing – Content is what drives traffic to your website. People are looking for content that informs, educates, inspires, relevant and original. Content marketing agencies know that quality content is the foundation of all your SEO as well as a Social media presence.

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Social Media Marketing – Social media platforms have become an important marketing tool. Social media marketing refers to use of various social media platforms to increase traffic on brand’s website, increase brand awareness and to improve customer relationships. This leads to increased CRs and revenue for the brand.

Pay Per Click (PPC) – This is a ‘sponsored ad’ on the top or side of the SERPs. The brand pays only if the ad is clicked. This type of marketing can be targeted for a particular type of customers by displaying these ads for specific keywords. Not only these ads are attractive; they work effectively for various types of industry.

Influencer Marketing – In this type of marketing, an influential person is engaged in advertising the products and services of a brand. The influencer has a positive image and influence on people. This can be due to his expertise, knowledge or skills in his field. The celebrity is used to influence the purchase decision of the customer and improve a brand’s image.

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Email marketing – This is a direct way to reach potential customers and inform them about your products and services. An effective Email campaign is engaging, relevant, and informative. Email marketing should ensure qualities like trustworthiness of the brand and relevancy to the sender for campaigning efficiently.

SEO or PPC: Which is the best Strategy for Your Business

SEO or PPC: Which is the best Strategy for Your Business

With the advent of the internet, more and more people are using search engines like Google to look for the products and services they need. Search engines have become an essential medium that influences the purchasing decision of the buyer. The chances of people finding your website through search engines are much better than landing there directly. Therefore, a strong presence in search engine results become crucial for the businesses.

Search engine optimization (SEO) and Pay per Click (PPC) are the two most important marketing strategies meant to drive the visitor to the website.

SEO is a combination of various strategies and techniques used to boost the number of visitors on a website by improving its ranking in the organic results of a search. A higher ranking in the search engines implies a higher number of visitors, higher conversion rates and higher revenue thereby. SEO includes techniques like keyword research, SEO auditing, on-site optimization, off-site optimization, competition analysis and evaluation of the results.

PPC is one the most popular form of search engine advertising. Google allows the advertisers to display their ads in the sponsored results section. The advertiser pays a fixed amount to the search engine when their ads are clicked. The click directs the visitor to the advertiser’s website. So instead of earning the search visits organically, a business in a way purchases the visits to his site.

Both the methods aim to convince the users to visit and increase the traffic to your website.

Both the approaches have their merits and demerits, and before deciding on the better strategy for your business, you should consider following points:

  1. The amount you want to spend on marketing should be taken into account. If you are working on a tight budget, then PPCs might not be a feasible option and add to your expenses. PPC allows benefits like:
    • The primary objective of any website is to drive traffic and increase conversion rates (CRs). And variables of the website have to be tested to work out on weaker points and improve CRs. PPCs can be used to buy the required traffic and reach the result quickly.
    • Search engine’s algorithm changes every now and then. Sites optimized for one type of algorithm suffer when the algorithm changes and the new update is instantly required. But while paying for each click, you are immune to the changes in the algorithm.
  2. Cost per click(CPC) is different for different keywords and phrases. Use ‘Traffic Estimator’ tool to find out the average cost for any keyword/phrase. Ensure the average cost of your specific keyword is not too high.
  3. Analyze how strong the competition in your target market is? Make use of ‘Google External keyword research tool’ to estimate the competition level in your industry.

You may find that the authority websites mostly command your specific keywords. Displacing such sites to make a place for your website in the market is a quite complicated job. Instead, it makes more sense to use PPC services in this case.

It isn’t necessary that only one of the two strategies has to be used. Both of them can be used in combination to have a powerful impact.

Some Important and Useful Facts About PageRank

Some Important and Useful Facts About PageRank

PageRank (PR) is a mathematical algorithm that Google uses to rank pages of the websites in its search results.

As per the Google, Pagerank determines the importance of a website by counting the number and quality of links to the pages of the site. The basic assumption is that more important sites tend to receive more backlinks from other websites.

The rank value determines the importance of a particular page.

Research (from AOL’s search engine logs) shows that more than 90% of the buying decisions start with a search online. And the first ten search results receive the majority (89%) of the entire click-through traffic. And the next ten results which are usually displayed on the second page receive less than 5% of the click-through traffic.

Therefore ranking on the first page is so important that companies can rise or fall due to their Google search results when customers are looking online for the products and services that they sell.

Few facts about PageRank are:

  • PageRank is just one of the numerous factors that Google uses in its search result Algorithm. There are various other factors also that affects the Google’s search rankings. One should focus instead on delivering quality content.
  • Outbound links help the ranking of the website. Therefore they are ranking factors too.
  • The algorithms are so complicated and complex that sometimes even leading search engineers working for Google don’t understand them. It is almost impossible to know every bit of code because Google has made over 450 algorithm changes in one year.
  • The greater the number of links on a page, the less each link’s worth.
  • You cannot use no-follow to control where the PageRank goes. So if you have five links on a page and two are no-followed, the PageRank calculation will still count the number of outbound links from that page to 5 even when 2 of the links are no-followed.
  • Outbound links never pass the full amount of PageRank. The amount of PageRank that flows out per link is always varied. All the links pass a little less or a little more PageRank than what came into the page in the first place.
  • A  link from a reputed or an authority site will help increase the rankings in search engines might not be a right expectation.
  • An outbound link might have a negative ranking value if it is linked to an irrelevant website.
  • The entire site doesn’t lose ranking when it passes PageRank. PageRank is more about the pages and the inbound links associated with those pages. So most likely, a site doesn’t lose its rankings with outbound links. An important and relevant page will be able to attract attention and rank through links.
  • Every page has its own importance. While considering the links on a page, there isn’t any need to consider whether an outbound link is going to impact the ranking of another page negatively.
  • The quality and usefulness of the web page to its users determine its importance and ranking in search engines and not the entire website.


Hence, it is quite important to have a good PageRank to rank higher in SERPs. If you are struggling in getting good ranks, then you can take help from SEO Services Provider in Delhi.

Interpreting Modern SERPs to understand better for Ranking No. 1

Interpreting Modern SERPs to understand better for Ranking No. 1

Initially, the search engines could not understand the intent of the user. The words on the query string were connected with the words in the result pages and results were displayed for the user. There was no understanding of the intent of the user behind those words.

Today, the aim of the search engines is to offer the best possible search experience for its users. And Search engine like Google has always been looking out for ways to understand the intent of the search in a better way. This includes differentiating the SERPs on the expected intent of the users. Over time, there has been a lot of focus on understanding the intent of the users and why different users with different intentions use the similar words in their queries.

Also, Google not only aims to provide the better search results but also give the results quickly. That means connecting the user with the content that satisfies their needs in the shortest time. This has an impact on the construction of the SERP layout and their ranking on the search engine result pages.

For example – A gentleman searching for sports shoe dealer will most likely be searching for the local dealers of sports shoes in the area. The address of a dealer in another town or state will not be of much use for him.

Rankings are crucial for brands. Higher ranking implies higher organic traffic and better leads. That ultimately means higher sales and higher revenue for the business. But that doesn’t mean ranking on the first position of the search page. Instead, being on the ‘top rack’ of the search results or featuring in the snippet space can be more beneficial for the brand.

Pagerank Algorithm

Earlier Google’s algorithm was based on ‘PageRank’ which in simple terms meant that more the number of people agreed with a site’s worth, more its creditability. But search algorithms had come a long way since the day when the top ten pages were listed as blue links.

Personalised Search

In 2005, ‘Personalised’ search was introduced. It takes into consideration

  • User’s search history
  • IP addresses
  • Location
  • Social media activity

Universal Search and Important Algorithm Updates of Google

Google now has integrated its news, videos, images, and graphics, local and vertical searches in a format known as Universal search. In 2010, with Google ‘Caffine’ new updates were made to the algorithm. In 2011, Google introduced ‘Panda’ targeting the thin content. In 2012, with the release of Penguin update, unnatural links were discouraged. Google is continuously experimenting with the number of results, new results and ad formats. Introduction of snippets again changed the way search was displayed.


Google is not a fixed set of algorithms. The algorithms have been continually evolving to understand the complexity behind the string of words in a query. Google is continuously changing and experimenting and introducing frequent updates. Almost daily tweaks are made in the search technique, and often significant changes are also made.

Neither are all the SERPs equal nor are the search queries. With the continuous advancement and changes in Google’s technology for search results, SEO professionals should also move along and understand that aiming for number one position is not possible every time and not even required.