Scope of Digital Marketing in India is now at the peak of revolution. With the tremendous growth of smartphones users, access to the internet to everyone, the rise in the active social media users and the trend of preferring online shopping portals boosted the revenue generated from the online marketing.

If you are observing the latest trends in India, then you might see that people like to spend most of their times on social mediair business on the local grounds, Facebook, and Whatsapp rather than reading a newspaper or watching TV. The Indian population is diverting towards e-commerce sites to buy latest products at best prices rather than going to outlets and make efforts in bargaining from the salesmen. Such hike in the use of digital media gives us a bright future of digital marketing in India.

If you are enthusiastic to know about the scope of online marketing in India, then it is best for you to keep reading this blog until the end.

Platforms that are Interactive are Getting Popular

With the rise of technological advancements, the only thing which is suppressing is feelings and emotions. Platforms that allow the user to interact are getting more popular. The best example of it is Facebook, which is the approximately have more than 270 million active Indian accounts. Most of the youngsters today like to express their feelings by various post and hashtags and reflects their psychology and also set the base for future trends in the market. Another way to interact with people around the globe is forums, blogs, etc., these sites give you the independence to share your reviews about any topic you want to.

The experts recognise these small but useful things, and then they create the best digital marketing strategies to work. The planning involves a practical use of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, to attract the customers towards the services. Due to this very reason, you can imagine a bright scope of digital marketing in India.

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The Rise of Online Video Streaming

After the free JIO 4G services, internet experts observed tremendous growth in online video streaming. And this can be further increase due to low cost, high-speed data packages. Now users in our country don’t have to wait for their favourite TV shows because they do that one streaming apps like Hotstar or Voot. If your cable connection is disconnected in between your cricket match, then you can enjoy it on your smartphone.

Such hunger for watching videos related to various niche attracts the marketers to create the audience oriented content for their business. As an example, the unboxing of the latest smartphone OnePlus 6 is done by a famous stand-up comedian Zakir Khan, as it will attract more customers to buy the phone. Such creative ideas widen the scope of digital marketing .

Use of Region Specific Language

India is the only country that symbolises the power of unity. Marketers in India are advising the organisations to use regional languages to reach the heart of the customer. Such useful digital marketing tips allow the brands to promote their service among the people of varying cultures and also increase their brand value among the other companies providing same services. Hence digital marketing in India is helping the foreign products to set their business on the local grounds, visit

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Personalized is Preferred

A study on Indian market revealed that more than 75% consumer like to see personalised digital content. Such robust data signify the transformation of consumers while using online services and create new formulas of digital marketing . And you can observe this very easily; suppose you are using an online shopping app search products of specific kinds. The backend team sees your searching pattern, and after that, you start receiving notification of only those products types that you’ve searched before. It means person specific content is going to be the next generation strategy used by marketing experts.

Future Scope in India

As per various reports, the current value of online marketing is estimated around $68 million. The worth is increasing due to rise in online users and changing customer behaviours. The best part is there is no end in this domain, and one can learn many things simultaneously while working on one. The industries working in digital marketing in India are expected to cross billion by 2020 because the competition among various brands online is increasing in this fastest growing economy.


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