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Facebook Vs Instagram Vs Twitter Vs Snapchat: How to choose the better platform for business marketing
November 5, 2018
How to market your law firm online in 2018
How to market your law firm online in 2018
November 17, 2018

The top 10 digital marketing trend to watch out for in 2018

top 10 digital marketing trend to watch out for in 2018

Is your digital marketing techniques are too old to use? And you are not getting the desired outcomes? If yes, then this blog will help you out!

As technology is taking the lead over the years, everything is getting digital – banking, real estate, entertainment, health, and many more. So the companies are jumping into the digital market to advertise their services. And to survive with the latest challenges of the digital marketing one must be updated with the ongoing trends and tricks to bring the traffic on the website. You can also search for the professional help to know the current tricks. For doing this, go for the SEO Services in Delhi.

Now, follow the latest Digital Marketing Trends in India 2018 to shape your upcoming plans, take a look at them:

  1. Learn the new trend-‘Micro-moments’

    Learn the new trend-‘Micro-moments’Image Credit –

    This is the new and the crucial trend of 2018, so companies should wake up and provide reliable information to Smartphone users. As people are getting more digitalized with each passing day, they buy only after researching about the information provided by the services.

  2. Content Marketing trend

    Content Marketing trendImage Credit –

    According to the latest trend, it is not about creating quality content only but also focuses on personalized and customized content so that it will target individually. It will generate more traffic as compared to generic content.

  3. The effective Native Ads

    The effective Native AdsImage Credit –

    It is known to be the best tool for the marketer to promote any content. It includes paid content, suggested posts, in-feed units etc. Getting the natural backlinks from a content is difficult for the marketers so they often take help of paid media. Its CTR value is higher than any form of ad. It not only increases the reach of the content but improves the brand recall value.

  4. Latest trend of Micro-influencer marketing

    Latest trend of Micro-influencer marketingImage Credit –

    Nowadays, brands want more leads in a less time, thus Micro influencer marketing is emerging as the best tool in the digital space. Micro influencers are the expertise with the number of followers which help you to generate high-quality leads, new audience, and improve search rankings.

  5. App store optimization

    App store optimizationImage Credit –

    Downloading the app is continuing to rock in 2018, so one can’t ignore about the app store optimization. The increasing demand for apps and number of traffic from mobile has given rise to the trend of the app store optimization. If you want to make your app credible then you must learn some effective ways to improve your app store optimization.

  6. Big Data marketing model

    Big Data marketing modelImage Credit –

    The most vital marketing model of 2017 and continue to rock the trend in 2018 as well, Big data is adopted by many businesses. It improves the sales data by adding the personalized touch to the website. With the support of email marketing and predictive analytics, it enhances the customer’s experiences. Better learn Top Digital Marketing Trends 2018 for insight.

  7. Current trend of In-store marketing

    Current trend of In-store marketingImage Credit –

    The evolving trend of in-store marketing has adopted by many companies. It is an offline marketing which becomes the unavoidable part of the online marketing.

  8. Video marketing- ‘the latest need’

    Video marketing- ‘the latest need’Image Credit –

    Nowadays customers want every information in detail and always look up for the videos. Thus video marketing becomes the crucial part of digital marketing. Videos are the best way to tell the customer about your services, that is why vblogs, vlogging, or video marketing is gaining popularity day by day.

  9. Social media marketing & live-video streaming

    Social media marketing & live-video streamingImage Credit –

    Over the years, social media is becoming the game changer in the digital space. As a brand, you need to be aware of all the happenings in the social media world. The latest trends in social media such as expiring content and 10 seconds videos which disappear after one view are emerging effectively. Talking about the live video, the brands have welcomed this feature brilliantly. It helps you to connect with the audience in real-time. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter all the four platforms are indulged into live-video streaming.

  10. Make your website mobile friendly

    Make your website mobile friendlyImage Credit –

    We all aware about the demand for smartphones, so making the website mobile friendly is a must to do task. Marketers need to expand their offering to suit the audience’s need. The website should be optimized for all the screens for the better user experiences. 

In conclusion:

For effective digital marketing, regular assassination and evaluation of strategies should be taken place frequently. Taking a note from the latest tricks of digital marketing, you will reach the success in a less time. If you are looking for the immediate result, go for the Best SEO Services in Delhi and improve your website ranking.

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