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How to market your law firm online in 2018
How to market your law firm online in 2018
November 17, 2018
7 actionable tips that immediately improve your SEO ranking
7 actionable tips that immediately improve your SEO ranking
November 21, 2018

How semantic search impacted on SEO

How semantic search impacted on SEO

Nowadays it can be tougher to become an SEO expert because Google is in the process to make Search Engine Optimization more about the user experience than techniques to getting higher rank at the Search Engine Result Pages for a website or blog. Earlier, SEO was all about the mathematical algorithm that helps to rank you in the first place. But, not anymore. In 2014, for user intent and betterment, Google has integrated the Hummingbird algorithm.

Semantic searches are apparently looming large over all of us and have impacted largely the way we optimize websites and run market businesses online. With Semantic Search Algorithm, the top SEO Services in Delhi have already ranked their site in the Google-index. Let’s see how Semantic Search Engines impact SEO:

  1. Easy to find the relevant information

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    Remember those days when you used to type multiple times to get the desired information, now Google is doing that for you. With Rank brain in Hummingbird‘s algorithm, Google enhances the user’s experience. So if the user is spending more time on a particular website, Google will rank that website at a higher position.

  2. Promote quality content

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    Earlier SEO used to focus on keywords densities, phrases, and keyword placing. This was only for the sake of ranking which in turn degraded the quality of content. Nowadays, content is created to answer the user’s query by providing them with relevant information. So the cultural shift of the content creation is just for the betterment for the users. And if you are new to the online business, must learn the complete guide to effective SEO tactics to rank your website on the search results.

  3. Quality factor

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    Quality content creation is the only organic tool to help you achieve quality results. Now the users can find their query request within seconds which wasn’t the case six years ago. This is why Google has been labeled as a better search engine. With the search queries, it is now easier for Google to process the results based on the same algorithm. What is displaying on the results pages; one can know what Google is trying to do.

  4. Optimizing user value

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    Now website owners are mainly working on the content in order to give more value to the user’s query. Website owners have to adapt the continuous change in the Google algorithm if they need to stand out. You can ask for the professional help to follow the latest tactics for your website, or hire the Top SEO Company in Delhi. User intent is a major part of ranking and optimizing it to bring the value to the user.

  5. Give less significance to the keywords

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    According to the Semantic Search 2018, the user’s query, or relevant content on the website is likely to rank at a higher place in search engines rather than extensively used keywords on poor content. Google has given less significance to the keywords ever, so focusing on creating valuable content is more important than stuffing keywords unnecessarily.


By considering the above mentioned reasons, one can know the benefits of Semantic search. Google is now focusing on the semantic search more than anything as it provides more valuable search results by analyzing and evaluating the search queries by the users.

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