The mobile users in the past few years have grown to a huge extent all over the world, and are only going to rise. This shift of medium has made companies resort to better ways of marketing and promotion, by making their websites mobile friendly. In today’s competitive world, mobiles are what the audiences are engaged in, and initiating promotion and sales through this effective medium is the need of the hour. So if you think of reasons why your website is not bringing customers, you need to make it mobile friendly. So follow these effective tips to do the same:

Make your website mobile responsive

If you want people to visit your website, then you must ease out the process for them. That can only come by making your website responsive to the device that is being opened on. Mobile responsiveness refers to a change in the display of a website, pertaining to an alteration in the size of the website. A responsive website design works well in the case of SEO and can boost your SEO rankings.

Say no to Flash

If you are using the old school technology of Flash, we suggest that you scrap that idea right away. Using flash makes your website take a longer time to load. By the tike your website opens on a mobile phone, users will already have pressed the back button. So use a software that enhances the website load time, instead of slowing it down.

Large buttons are what you need

If you are making your website ideal for mobile phones, it is important that you pay attention to every element that makes it look attractive and interesting. For instance, if you want users to click on a certain option, make sure that the buttons are not small to drive the user away due to inconvenience. Make sure that the buttons are visible and large enough for the user to click upon.

Use larger fonts

Font size is an important requirement when it comes to mobile web designing. When you make your website mobile friendly, make sure that the font size is large and not too gaudy, making the user click on it in an instant.

Work on your images

When you have too many images on your website, chances are that your website might take more time to load. That’s when you need to pay attention to your images and compress them to a smaller size so that they do not hamper the speed of your website load time.

Test regularly

After making your website mobile-friendly, it is time that you test it. To make sure that your website offers a good experience on mobile phones, test it on your own device and look for loopholes, or gaps that you think can be improved to enhance the website speed.


In addition to all the aforementioned points, content plays a major part. So to make your website’s content look appealing, look for professional help. You can hire a content writer to write your website’s content and make your website look appealing. So follow these tips and get ready for more and more conversions coming your way.