Creating a website is one thing, but getting people to read and stay is an entirely different thing. Plenty of websites come and go, not because they are poorly made but nobody visits their page. Sadly, people get discouraged and give up on making their website a tool for converting visitors into lead and even potential customers. If you are thinking that you will get customers the moment you get a website, then you are completely wrong.

We have listed here some of the weak points of your website which if fixed can lead you to the success:

  1. Loading speed of your website

An average website takes 2-3 seconds for loading a page. If one has to wait more than 3 seconds, then you own a slow website which can cause you a huge amount of loss in the traffic. You will be amazed to know that Amazon loses $ 16 billion because of the delay in the loading of the website. You need to optimize your website if the loading speed of your website is more than 3 sec as Google gives preference to fast loading websites.

  1. Mobile responsive website

Needless to say, mobile users are huge as compared to desktop users. So, all the search engines including Google give preference to the websites which are responsive to both desktop and mobile. Google mobile- first indexing makes it necessary for the website owners to make their site responsive.

  1. When you have too many popups

We are not denying the fact that popups can increase your conversion rates but too many popups are likely to irritate your customers. It is advisable to keep minimum popups which can increase your conversion rate and also don’t irritate your customers.

  1. Appealing website designs

Attractive website can drive more customers to the website. So, it is essential to make your website appealing with great UI for a better user experience. Following are the features for the credible website:

  • Simple approach for the web-designs
  • Easy and understandable features of the site
  • Using the suitable colors
  • Minimum ads
  • Font size must be 16px to 18px
  1. Too many ads

While you are busy creating attractive web-designs, content or graphics, bundle of ads on your site are lowering your ranking on the search result pages. So, be careful about the placement of ads so that it does not create any disturbance in user experience.

  1. Not having High definition images

It is rightly said that, visuals are more appealing than texts. HD images are not only attracting the customers but also improve the visual appearance. So, you are not allowed to miss this element.

  1. Your website is not secure, may be!

In Google chrome’s 68 version, A HTTP website is viewed as non-secured website. If your site is visited by new customer and he finds that your website is not secure, then he will leave your site immediately.

  1. Poor content is the real enemy

A website having high-quality content performs well than the website with poor content. Quality content not only targets the larger section of audience but also helps in acquiring high-quality backlinks.

  1. Content for website home page

If you fail to engage your customer on the very first page, they will not bother to visit the others page of your website. So, it is crucial to provide the customers with relevant and sufficient information on the home page to generate more traffic.


Getting your website to convert visitors into customers is not really a rocket science. What it boils down to is the ability to putting yourself in prospect’s shoes and continually working to provide the kind of information that will benefit them.