At Web Daksh, we believe in the fact of establishing the brand in popular and relevant social circles so that the potential prospects can have the better understanding about your product. We promoted the Metis Marketing Services Pvt Ltd with the same intention and provided sufficient reasons to visitors for coming back to them. In other words, we have tried through our services to open a clear communication on social media that could get converted those prospects into customers.

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We have put Metis Marketing in the better ranking position to have the successful two-way conversation between them and their clientele through our SEO tools. We have devised various strategies in order to find places where individuals need their services, talking about Metis, wherein the individuals are in a better place to get their home insurance, travel insurance, life insurance or any other type of insurance done. Basically, providing their optimum value to their business and the smart techniques to escalate brand awareness.

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We wholeheartedly in an organized way listened to their ideas & plans, discussed their business goals, the scope of their business, kinds of products or services they deal in and accordingly advised them the best solutions for positive outcomes. In simple terms, we understood that content or the web pages of the websites hold a prime place while considering the rankings of a website. Moreover, we did a due diligence first and understood the insurance industry vertical to ensure the proper effectiveness of our plans. That’s how we helped Metis Marketing Services to incorporate well-curated SEO friendly content that adds value to the target audience. With the help of our services, Metis got more brand recognition and that directly increased the traffic on their website.

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We completely understand that sometimes reaching to the target audience or customer becomes a huge challenge, especially when the company plans on doing it effectively and efficiently. At the same time establishment of the brand name in that particular sector or industry is another hurdle faced by various companies. Building a strong brand presence is not as simple as it sounds. But Metis Marketing, with the help and on the recommendations of our skilled and experienced experts has got their strong brand online presence established and that would help Metis reach their target audience easily. With an effective social media marketing strategy made by us, now Metis can reach out to its customers through various platforms.


In a matter of 3 months, there were huge amount of traffics on their website which resulted into good conversion rate. The 360 degree online presence of this insurance agency led them to enjoy a good brand identity which also generated a good amount of trusts among the new customers. Therefore, if you have a business prospect and want to have good sales and revenue then you must hire Digital marketing Services in Delhi. We are a Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi having more than 10 years of experience and our experts are experienced enough to tackle any problem related to online marketing.