In the era of searching, voice search stands to withhold the greatest value of all time, something which we need to fix our gaze on.

Google claims that 50% of the searches are performed using voice search by 2020. If the majority of the people are conducted search operations through voice search, then optimizing your websites would be a nice idea. Voice search has taken a good percentage of all total searches all around the world. The convenience offered by the voice has placed this platform in a position to be a search standard in the future. By implementing the useful digital tricks, you can stay ahead of the completion just you need to read the Google trends which are changing with each passing year. In case, you need any help, you need to look for the best SEO Company in Delhi and get yourself a reliable solution.

  • What is Voice Search?


In order to perform the search query and get results, voice search enables users to speak into a device. It has eliminated the tedious task of typing. Audio technology makes use of speech recognition to interpret what users are saying and the results are delivered orally to the users. It is been around for a while and helping users to speak up their query and generate results based on their search query.

  • Why do we use voice search?


  • It requires less effort and eliminates the task of typing.
  • It gives quick results.
  • It is marginally faster or better in giving solutions to our queries.
  • With the rising need of the mobile search, smart speakers and digital assistance are being used more and more.
  • Now, understand how it impacts on SEO in 2019:


  • With the always changing search algorithm, all the changes affect search results in significant ways. Google changes its algorithm around 500-600 times every year and gives reasons to read about it thoroughly. These changes affect SEO strategies and are a major reason for SEO being a dynamic process.
  • With the advent of voice searches, digital assistance like Alexa or Siri answer with a short answer, usually from a news source and the user doesn’t see a long list of option to choose from.
  • SEO practice is greatly affected by these technological changes and alarming every business to optimize their site according to consumer behaviour.

In Conclusion

When Google decides to up its game with its search engine domination, it did not hold on any punches and continue to maintain its reputation of being a leader. Optimizing your business website for voice search entail many factors. Long-tail keywords and conversational keywords are now crucial to attain the highest ranking. Voice search looks to be a part of the future of SEO and it is best to stay prepared. If you are not informed much about the digital tricks, you need to look for the Top 10 Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi.