Online marketers have drawn out of the best tactics to speed up their SEO analysis. Willing SEOs automate the search engine optimization process by using the latest and effective tools and software.

API refers to the application programming interface and makes it possible for a website developer to connect to the Google Adwords Server. It provides the website more efficient way of managing numerous Adwords account and large Adword campaigns. It can be used to serve for various purposes as sometimes developers used to embed some objects into the websites. So, the next when you see the piece of Google maps on site, then understand that Google API is being used there. The noteworthy point here is it can be done the same with apps and tools.

What is the significance of an API for SEO experts?

The right API helps to collect the correct data and simplify the errors in the whole process of data handling. Some SEO tools offer to use an API for their customer and drive the customer result and hence, why it needs to be appreciated in the world of SEO. If you have not used it yet, then must do to make your work easier and also you can take help from the Best SEO Agency in Delhi to assist you. Now, let’s see the advantage of API for SEO experts:

  1. Keyword research

While SEO is known for dealing with serious issues, there are also many platforms for keyword research. Proper performed keyword research is the first task in SEO’s-to-do list in order to accomplish the new project’s demand. Various SEO tools meet these needs very well and if you don’t want to invest more time on analyzing each competitor or keyword individuality, you can use quality tools with provided APIs. With separate API, complex keyword research becomes much easier. Talking about the API, it includes domain analysis, URL analysis, and keyword research feature, visit

  1. Content Crafting

In order to know to attract the target audience, you must aware of trending topics. Also, tracking your content performance helps the publisher to improve the performance and drive higher traffic engagement. The standard API has five resources:

  1. Most shared API in which you can track the most popular content for popular domain name or a keyword
  2. Top influencers API: In this category, if you want to find out the influencers for a specific topic, then this API is surely for you.
  3. Link Shared API: In this, you will be allowed to discover the recent links shared by a certain influencer.
  4. Article Sharers API: It will help you to show the people who have shared article on Twitter within the first two-three days after the publication.
  5. Trending API: In this you will get the trending articles.
  1. Check backlinks

Backlink analysis is another part of SEO and also helps people see their link profiles and weak points. To integrate your applications with backlink analysis report, you can take help from Majestic API which gives you the information of data collected in the past 120 days and so on, check useful source.

In Conclusion

As the economy continues to grow, more and more companies are joining hands with the API by seeing its advantages and extend their own brand’s reach. No matter what business you are in, API is always a great source of opportunity and has a great impact on SEO of the company. For more information, hire one of the Best SEO Services in Delhi.