When it comes to picking up a website audit tool, you have a pool of choices of subscribing website auditing tools that fit into your business. These audit tools may differ in capabilities as some audit tools go through all the pages of the website while others just give an overview of the specific page.

There are also some tools which claim to be specialized but can’t cope up with the requirement of some digital commerce services. In this blog, we will indulge in some of the important aspects of website audit tools and what to look for when choosing the auditing tools. Read on to know in details:

  1. Audit tools with custom capabilities

Pick out those website auditioning tools that offer extendable customization tools so that it can deeply scan your website to cover all individual pages and subdomains. The weaker part of your websites which require immediate attention can only be tracked by good and powerful audit tool and thus, it should be powerful enough to generate detail audit reports.

  1. Audit tools which generate the leads

Some premium websites auditioning tools come with lead generator widget that installed on your site. Check for that tool which offers a decently prepared audit report easy-to-read format. If you are facing a hard time to pick the correct tools, then let experts handle it and for that, hire the best Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi.

  1. Check the audit tools which comes with a white label option

If you want to utilize the best of your data, go with editing software that offers white labeled website audit and customized reporting. It is advisable that you must choose the plan which comes with the full-fledged white label feature. This is the only way you can perform the complete website audit and can present your digital service perfectly to your target buyers. Look for the customizable and easily assimilate to your brand identity.

  1. Pick the audit tools with the extensive reporting module

It is obvious that agencies must evaluate and present the data to their client in a visually appealing and informative format. Audit tool must have the on-demand reporting module to create a manual report and this report should be white-labeled and highly customizable so that they can represent themselves in an impressive manner. It should also have easy customization options to filter reports of the basic, drag and drop modules and notes and comment options.


For any digital agencies, the audit is like a duty which they have to run anyway and that is why they need to choose the right website audit tool. Read the aforementioned pointers and pick up the best for your digital agency. Since, Google consider many metrics to rank websites so, an audit tool must fit into all these metrics deeply while auditing. If you are concern about your SEO thing, contact one of the best SEO Companies in Delhi. Thanks for reading!