No matter which SEO services in Delhi you hire, analyzing the competitors’ work is one of the most important tasks to perform if you wish to surpass your rivals and build a strong SEO campaign.

It is a must to keep an eye on your competitors’ activities by tracking their keywords ranking, brand and social references, campaign content, and various other digital marketing strategies. This allows you to make certain that your business campaign and communication is at par with the rivals.

Performing an SEO competitive analysis will help you know what your competitor is up to and what all you can do to leave your competitors behind.

Now, have a look at the below points which will let you know how to investigate your competitors so that you can boost your website’s ranking easily.

  1. Search for the target keywords

To find the target keywords of your rivals, you need to make use of the Ahref tool.Follow the below guidelines to find your competitor’s target keywords.

  • Put the link of your competitor’s website on the search bar of Ahref.
  • Under the Organic Research section, click on the organic keywords link.
  • You will get to see which keywords are ranking for your competitor’s website.
  1. Do content analysis

As you must have heard that content is king and pages having high-quality content tend to rank higher in the search engine results page. To ensure your content helps you well to be at the top of search engine rankings, you must analyze your competitor’s strategy on content marketing. Below are the points which you must remember to surpass your competitors in terms of content.

  • Readability and word count

You must know how long your content should be on every page, the display of the content, easily acceptable, etc. As Google acknowledges the long SEO contents, it is best you figure out the length of words on your competitor’s pages with the help of keyword density tool.

  • Keyword relevance and density

Check if the competitors are using keywords in the meta title, description, header tag or even in the image Alt tags.Also, do not forget to check the number of times they use keywords in content.

  • Articles and blogs

Find out what type of articles and blogs they write and in which platform they publish the same.

  1. Off-Site Elements
  • Determine backlink quantity and referring domains

Make sure to check for the amount of backlinks and referring domains directing to every page of the competitor’s website. Also, find out the ratio of the domains to the backlinks. It is best to have higher amount of quality and unique domains directing to your website in order to keep the proportion same.

  • Anchor text

Along with the various links, you must look after the anchor text to ensure beneficial SEO strategy. So, find out if your rivals are using long-tail terms, mixture of branded terms or exact matches as their top anchor text.


So, without any further ado, seek help of the best digital marketing agency in Delhi and ensure they follow the above tips and perform the SEO competition analysis to beat your competitors effectively.