Web Analytic Solutions

Web analytic solutions are hard to navigate. It’s even more difficult to find as a number of companies and products are to be found according to our needs. It consists of managing the usage and interactions between visitors on a website. The various paid and free analytic tools like Google or site catalyst accumulate a huge amount of data based on metrics.

Key points:

  • It helps to judge the level of traffic, frequency and length of visits.
  • The audience can measure Devices, browsers AND servers.
  • Reports are very important to an online retailer business plan that gives us the data based on the business performance.

The basic analytic solutions measure the following basics:

Traffic Sources: It comprises of natural sources like traffic referral and direct traffic along with campaign traffic. Visits :It helps to judge the level of traffic, frequency and length of visits. Top Content: Popularity has been defined as rendezvous with the pages. Keywords:Look for keywords that help drive traffic to the website, the level of traffic from each website and how it behaves. Location: It can be local, national and international. Data can control specific targets and campaign online and offline. Technical Details: The audience can measure Devices, browsers and servers.

About Web Daksh:

Web daksh technologies is basically the solution to all problems in our inter marketing and web designing. Since the last 5 years it has done a number of projects to show their talent and excellence in this domain. The word “daksh” means “capable of doing” or “expertise”. The team comprises of website designers, developers and very experienced SEO experts.

Why choose web daksh?

  • It provides best SEO services.
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We offer many services; above all we have excelled mainly in Internet Marketing. Internet Marketing comprises of understanding traffic and conversions that are generated amongst each market channel and elements with those channels. Website Usability recording one's behavior on a website helps identify where visitors loaf out of a desired process. Going over navigations or interaction numbers with website features and comparing performance against desired performances indicates the requirement of investments at certain places. Key Products identifying contents and products coerce the importance of values for the company. It is based on popularity that includes sales, downloads, success rates, proportions of products added to a basket etc. The astuteness can be used to make decisions for online and offline merchandising actions. We have developed in all strands and have also spread in to different parts, so as to provide more services to all people. The SEO services provided by us are really remarkable.