Press Release

A written statement to the media with the purpose of attaining interest of the buyers is defined as Press Release. They can be written, audio taped or videotaped. Basically, PRs are issued for publicity of a particular event, person or product that is supposed to be marketed mostly. They can be faxed or mailed to the editors of newspapers, magazines, etc. Ivy Lee was the one who proposed the idea of Press Release by creating one in 1906. Edward Bernays further worked on the perfection of Lee's creation of press release. PRs are considered to be gateway of gathering fame both online and offline.

Related Boons:

  • PR distribution is beneficial to all. Be it any industry, press releases guarantees you profitable publicity.
  • Most inexpensive means of popularizing any commodity is thus always an affordable and opted option.
  • Press Releases establish a strong relationship with buyers as their choices are given top-most priority while preparing it.
  • They are capable of building brands putting aside the fact how big or small your business is.
  • They help journalists to check facts about your firm making it easy for them to write about your company.
These write-ups need to be prepared with utmost care as they can mould public viewpoints. They decide market reputation. Following are the do's and don’ts while dealing with PRs that need attention.
  • Keep your PR factual. Though it is preferable to present your industry and its products to be the best. DO NOT include claims that cannot be substantiated.
  • Judge your written piece from the viewpoint of journalist, as they are the first one who review your PR.
  • Keep your your release straightforward, to the point and easy to read.
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