Pay Per Click

Pay-per-click (PPC) is an internet based advertising model aiming to direct traffic to websites. The most important feature of this model is that the client pays the advertiser when the advertisement is clicked. It can also be defined as the cost incurred to get an advertisement clicked. In this context, PPC management becomes key to affordable online marketing; because it this model employs the use of keywords and showcases the advertisements to a target audience. As a corollary, we can say that PPC sees ‘clicks’ as a parameter to rate the attention and interest of the user.

Significance of PPC management lies in the following focal points:

  • Provides instant search visibility
  • Allows the clients to be strategic in marketing, and fine tune/optimize for best results
  • Can be tailor-made for any kind of business, and any kind of budget
  • Maximizes the client’s return on their marketing investment

PPC Management can be used in conjunction with other services as a means to:

  • Build loyalty among users, and provide targeted advertisements with high chances of success rate
  • Test the efficacy of online marketing since it provides measurable and instantaneous results
  • Serve as a tool for market expansion, because this model puts all businesses on a level playing field

“Webdaksh”, with its 5 years of experience in this field (among others) has witnessed the impact which PPC Management can have on its clienteles; and is committed to help improve the business of the clients via the domains of online and targeted marketing. “Webdaksh” employs PPC professionals who know the intricate details of PPC management, and are ready to create a unique and custom-made advertisement campaign for the client that will work best for their business. “Webdaksh” can utilize PPC Management along with SEO tools like on-page optimization to enhance title/keyword optimization, so that the targeted advertisement delivers its purpose to the user.