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Brand Identity

A corporate and business branding process involves:

Research and Audit –

A brand needs to understand where it stands in the market presently, how it’s product is analysed and perceived in the market. Identifying the target customers is the first step to creating a brand identity. Brand identity should reflect the aspirations and preferences of the buyer. It should consistently resonate with the target audience and stay true to the brand’s core value.

Competition analysis –

An in-depth research on the competitor’s strategy can help you gain an edge in the market. A company should look for the competitor’s information like – their target customers, the taglines used, their logo, their advertising campaigns, the keywords used in content, their positioning, their social media involvement, number of stores and their location etc.

Establish your unique voice –

A brand should find out its unique voice that captures the essence of the company. It has to identify its core values, its vision and mission statement through observing customers and management. Also, it should make transparent its value proposition to the consumer. This is the base for building a brand that actually represents your company.

Creative elements –

Now, it’s time to create the look, feel and voice of the brand that will be used on various marketing platforms like display boards, website, social media, advertising campaigns, packaging etc. The colours, fonts, logo design and overall style should reflect the brand’s basic ideology. Innovation and connection with the audience is a prerequisite for designing this look.

Implement strategy –

Building a brand identity takes time. Implementing strategies help grow brand awareness and strengthening the position of the brand. Content Strategy is required to build SEO friendly content that connects with the audience. Social media strategy helps to advertise on the various social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube etc.

Analyse and evaluate –

It is essential for a brand to establish a unique voice and identity with the customers but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t change over time. Companies must evaluate their strategies and evaluate their products to ensure that it delivers on the brand identity. It is easier to track and test the target customers and their preferences with the different tools available on the internet.

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Brand Identity

A brand identity is what sets a brand apart from the rest of the brands in the market. It represents the values, ideas, services, and culture of a company. An organisation seeks to identify itself with its unique product and the product’s distinct characteristics. Brand Identity includes all the branding and marketing activities that a company indulges in to be perceived in a particular way by the target audience. Brand identity helps establish a connection between the organisation and its customers. People can easily relate to the products and services of the brand.

Few characteristics and requirements of establishing a strong brand identity are:

  • It should be futuristic.
  • It takes time and hard work to develop an effective brand identity.
  • It reflects a brand’s core values and vision.
  • It Influences a customer’s experience at every point.
  • Brand identity design should include but is not limited to brand’s name, tagline, and brand’s voice.
  • Leads to increase in customer’s trust and credibility in the brand.
  • Increases customer’s loyalty towards the brand.
  • Develops a sense of pride amongst its employee.
  • Generates a positive image of the company.
  • It helps a brand to charge a better price for its products than its competitors.
  • Brand identity is not about the product but how well people identify with your brand.
  • A strong brand establishment strategy is behind the back of a strong brand identity.
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