Ajex Development

AJAX is not a tool or software, but a group of interrelated web development methods used to create interactive web applications. With the use of AJAX internet applications will send information to, and retrieve information from a server within the background while not interfering with the display and behavior of the prevailing page. Information is retrieved using the XML Http Request object. Ajax uses a blend of HTML and CSS to mark up and edit information or data. The DOM is accessed with JavaScript to dynamically display, and to permit the user to interact with the information or the data presented. The objective of AJAX based application software is to be able to create Rich Internet Application (RIA). In an RIA, the processing is done client-side, allowing to create dynamic, interactive web sites that behave more like a desktop application than a traditional web application. Team Web Daksh is having a very experienced team of AJAX developers who uses all the innovative techniques to develop the web applications in very time and cost effective manner. Our expertise will not only provide you an excellent service but we will also guide you the best possible way to have a better application and save time and money. Feel free to ask for more details about AJAX Development process and our AJAX development services.